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  1. fancyTBI

    My first Chevy

    That is a great truck to start with. You will like it. I like the W/T front ends on these trucks. It also looks really good with the body color flares. I hope you will enjoy it and make it your own. A deep detail would really make it stand out.
  2. fancyTBI

    Oil Filter Adapter Gasket Kit

    Ahh, got it. I’ll have to do some looking.
  3. fancyTBI

    Oil Filter Adapter Gasket Kit

    Thanks for the info! I’ll have to add this adapter to my 350 that’s coming out of my C1500 and going into my K2500. Hopefully someone still makes a decent gasket.
  4. fancyTBI

    Scored a perfect set of blue cloth seats!

    Great score!
  5. fancyTBI

    How low would you go.

    That looks awesome with the W/T front end.
  6. fancyTBI

    How low would you go.

    Might as well do do a 4/6 now. It would still be good for DD duty.
  7. fancyTBI

    Passenger wheel pushed out

    I don’t think so. It is hard to say without seeing the spindles themselves or any other suspension geometry. To me it almost seems like an alignment issue. Did you do this alignment by yourself in your garage or on a rack? Maybe @sewlow or @618 Syndicate or @someotherguy would know. They all...
  8. fancyTBI

    98 4/6 drop

    You can get rockers from LMC, browns of 2 rivers, Holley, or classic industries. They are all the same quality from what I’ve heard. I’ve had my LMC rockers/cab corners on my truck for 5 years and they are in great shape still.
  9. fancyTBI

    Passenger wheel pushed out

    Certain spindles like belltech and their derivatives will increase front width when installed. I find it odd that the drivers side isn’t similar. Was the front end ever wrecked and different sheet metal installed? How are the panel gaps?
  10. fancyTBI

    3rd Brake Light Gasket? …….Maybe

    Awesome work on this!
  11. fancyTBI

    My Flat Tappet Cam Wiped Out So I Decided To Go Roller

    Woo! It’s been a hell of a journey, I’m excited for you!
  12. fancyTBI

    my 1994 silverado

    Caught up on this thread, sorry to see where things have headed. Keep your head up man. I totally understand losing motivation on projects when life get in the way. You’ll get your stride back when it feels right.
  13. fancyTBI

    Houston area, interior parts wanted (gray, 90-94)

    I haven’t had a chance to steam and extract these yet. Too bad I’m in IL.
  14. fancyTBI

    Basket case ‘94 K2500

    Nice! Hope your 89 is going well. Post up some photos!
  15. fancyTBI

    Basket case ‘94 K2500

    Darn it. That’s right. Maybe I’d be better off trading these or selling them. I don’t want to hack these up.
  16. fancyTBI

    Basket case ‘94 K2500

    That’s a great thought. I like them, but I like the armrest on this truck, too. If someone could use them I wouldn’t mind that either.
  17. fancyTBI

    Basket case ‘94 K2500

    I scored some incredibly solid seats at the salvage yard. 60/40 and the driver's side is power. I grabbed the harness as well. I don't have a gray truck though. So My plans for these are to get them redone in red cloth or leather. I will then clean up the OEM covers and sell them here on the...
  18. fancyTBI

    88-94 Interior Parts

    Blue and gray transfer case shifter covers. Both are in good condition on the exterior. They both have some minor wear on the inside. First, the gray one has some warping by the light socket. It is missing a plastic tab that holds the brushes in place. I have shift knobs for these if you want...
  19. fancyTBI

    88-94 Interior Parts

    Blue ash tray - great condition, $30 + shipping Door switches bezel. I am unsure if the switches work. The plastic bezels are not cracked or warped, but they do show some wear. These might be good for someone to paint and clear over for their vehicle. I will offer these at $20 + shipping...
  20. fancyTBI

    88-94 Interior Parts

    I have some interior parts for sale for 88-94 trucks. Please feel free to make an offer. I will also be willing to trade for good 88-94 maroon/red interior parts. I am looking for a courtesy panel cover and the panel that bridges the gap under the steering column. I am willing to wheel and deal...
  21. fancyTBI

    Door Handle Teaser

    Rarely do I see them in the wild. Always a treat to see.
  22. fancyTBI

    Wanted: Clutch Pedal and Bracket

    I’m going to the salvage yard tomorrow. I will keep an eye out for you @95C1500.
  23. fancyTBI

    Show n tell. Let's see some eye candy.

    I saw your post earlier on in the thread, your truck sure has come a long way! It looks great.
  24. fancyTBI

    The Stupid Lowered Questions Thread

    That’s gotta be a mistake on their end right? If you pick out the individual components for front and rear it doesn’t say it is incompatible. I used your truck to find components. 6926 - rear flip kit 8” 3700 - 3” spindles 12600 - 2” springs If you look at the component listing on 722SP, it...