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  1. alignman88

    10 bolt upgrades ("big" 8.5", 30 spline, w/big axle shafts and big wheel bearings)

    Mine isn’t on the road yet, but I replicated what I have done to 10 bolts in the past with good results. Eaton TruTrac diff, Moser 30 spline axles, forged pinion yoke, 1350 style U-joints in the new driveshaft, and a TA Performance diff cover with the carrier bearing preload supports. I spent...
  2. alignman88

    Build of my ‘88 RCSB C1500 owned for 20 years

    Those are special times for sure. He had a trucking service that only served oil/gas exploration so anytime something broke (rarely I must add) out in the boonies at a location it was just work.
  3. alignman88

    Build of my ‘88 RCSB C1500 owned for 20 years

    You could say I drive it around a bit. Only been on a trailer two times over the years when I moved. Last really long road trip was Hot Rod Power Tour in 2011. Drove from St. Louis, Missouri to the starting point in Cocoa Beach, Florida all the way to the end event in Detroit, Michigan then back...
  4. alignman88

    Build of my ‘88 RCSB C1500 owned for 20 years

    Thanks I appreciate it! My old man said something to me at 17 when I wanted to rebuild my ‘69 Chevy short bed (was mint original condition) after a nasty wreck. He would let me use a bay in his shop as long as I would “do it right, and that means as perfect as you can make it.” That was my...
  5. alignman88

    My 1990 C1500 SWB Build - Daily Driver

    Yeah the bolt on output and shifter location was something my buddy was concerned about (very old school) but he found kit to position shifter in the right place and had a slip yoke laying around from a past ‘47 Chevy street rod project he didn’t use. He’s thinking cam/lifters and tune to bump...
  6. alignman88

    Build of my ‘88 RCSB C1500 owned for 20 years

    Received the electric cooling fan relay module I ordered from Current Performance and got it installed. I have some weatherproof relays already, but ran across this unit and felt it was a more complete/compact way to go with all fuses and relays in a package about the size as a pack of...
  7. alignman88

    My 1990 C1500 SWB Build - Daily Driver

    Reading through this post and saw this T56 Magnum, very cool BTW and thought I’d share a cool deal a friend snagged. Buddy building a ‘67 Chevelle was planning to go old school big block with manual trans and shooting for ~800HP naturally aspirated. His dad (has a hotrod shop) ran into another...
  8. alignman88

    1996 RCSB for sale, restored one-owner

    Pretty cool and heck of a clean truck. I’m curious what stock extra clean original OBS trucks are actually bringing in real world dollars, I see them advertised and think they’re quite high at $20k++ for a 30+ year old pickup. I constantly look for short bed regular cab 2Wd’s from down south...
  9. alignman88

    1988 C1500 can’t find big enough ball joint HELP!!

    I get where you’re coming from man, but I’m still stuck in the shop owner safety mindset of liability and “recommended practices” I personally have never experienced one popping out, but have seen what happens when a ball joint stud breaks and a lower control arm mounting u-bolt fails on the...
  10. alignman88

    1988 C1500 can’t find big enough ball joint HELP!!

    DO NOT WELD IN A LOWER BALLJOINT. EVER. Sounds like you need a Moog K6445 balljoint per the Moog website. Previous version that has been superseded apparently is the 6293 number but I see you keep referring to a 6239 part number. Here’s a screen cap from Moog website and I’ve included the link...
  11. alignman88

    Thread repair on intake manifold coolant port

    Years ago I cracked the intake on my 99 Tahoe while trying to replace that leaky fitting. It was seized, broke off then cracked when I tried to EZ out it. What I did was take it to a local machine shop, with the replacement fitting, and they welded it up and re-tapped it. Worked without leaking...
  12. alignman88

    Compressor groan after head swap?

    Absolutely it could. Cylinder head material difference than original and one less brace changed two things that vibrations need. Natural frequency of the components and transfer path. I’d be interested if while it’s making the noise if you could clamp something to each bracket leg like a vice...
  13. alignman88

    1988 C1500 can’t find big enough ball joint HELP!!

    You may have answered your own question about all this with the “had to beat the old one out” If you’re not using a ball joint press to install and remove them all sorts of less than optimal outcome are possible, like distorted control arms from using the Arkansas swing press (big hammer). Go...
  14. alignman88

    Driveline Vibrations---Possible Driveshaft Issues?

    Tires don’t “bed in”. Any radial tire casing can be ran in any direction of rotation with zero effect on casing integrity. The vibrations that may be felt after a rotation could be any number of things but most likely either a higher radial force variation (stiff spot in sidewall that doesn’t...
  15. alignman88

    Poll: Which style bumper?

    In the minority of voters but I’m a chrome clean front bumper on the OBS. I’m in Missouri so it’s front plates or probably get a talk from The Man on side of the road so I’ll have to put one on it, but at least it reads NSTY88 lol. I think with a valance/spoiler it keeps a clean line on the...
  16. alignman88

    Driveline Vibrations---Possible Driveshaft Issues?

    I stand by my original suggestion of finding a shop near you that has an EVA meter (Electronic Vibration Analyzer) or similar tool to determine order and frequency of the disturbance once you’ve done a very thorough visual and hands on inspection and nothing is found. It could be many things...
  17. alignman88

    Build of my ‘88 RCSB C1500 owned for 20 years

    No sir @Orpedcrow not the only reason. I was already planning to add something to the rear to improve how the frame reacted to taking a higher horsepower hit on good tires with CalTracs and adjustable shocks like a simple X brace or at least this. Huge gap between front/rear spring hangers with...
  18. alignman88

    Build of my ‘88 RCSB C1500 owned for 20 years

    Little more progress over the holidays, got the rear chassis brace/exhaust mount installed and almost finished. Cross brace is 1 1/2” thick wall square tube I’ve had laying around for years, then end plates and gussets are 3/16” plate that laid in the same pile as the tubing for a decade + lol...
  19. alignman88

    The Stupid Lowered Questions Thread

    Positive caster + SAI (steering axis inclination) cause the spindle to rotate in an arc, so it’s lifting more weight on one side than the other, which gives the steering more returnability coming out of a turn. That’s why vehicles without power steering zero to maybe 1-2 degrees of positive...
  20. alignman88

    Help with positive camber adjustment

    Is that picture taken with the front tires on the ground? Did you remove the knockouts from both front and rear mounting tabs? And is that a bulge in the tire sidewall?
  21. alignman88

    Comp Cams 268H and 1.6 rockers

    Since when did the GM Performance Vortec TBI intake become worth $615.00?!?! Holy smokes! I’ve had mine since about 2002-2003 (currently on a all new not reman GM long block with low miles that I pulled out of current build) and I swear I only paid about $300 for it then! Ridiculous prices, I...
  22. alignman88

    Windshield Washer Tank

    Amazon has cheap complete options, and even cheap aluminum tanks that could be used. Here’s the $20 chicken dinner model if ya know what I’m sayin’…
  23. alignman88

    Cheaper Solution To Coil Over Shocks

    Being a proponent of outside the box thinking and do it yourself ideas I find it difficult to find the ray of light to offer encouragement . Best I have is, I appreciate your enthusiasm. SMDH
  24. alignman88

    Instant orange peel.

    Truth! The hours spent wet sanding are a heck of a character builder. In that bucket is the wisdom of 1,000 men. It’s like the trials of Job in the biblical story sense LOL. It is the master professor of teaching patients and the value of doing all the little things very well.
  25. alignman88

    Instant orange peel.

    I’d say a DA sander with some 220 paper but it will likely ball up in the paper. Get a bucket of water and some 220 and wet sand it. Take it most of the way down, then switch to 320 or 400 wet sanded to get it ALL off. Heck you could probably use lacquer thinner on shop towels and wipe it all...

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