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  1. The_Family_Tahoe

    Fiberglass Hood (no scoop and non-cowl)

    The current hood is dented and I need a replacement. Saving weight with a fiberglass replacement is interestingto me, but I don't want the look of a scoop.
  2. The_Family_Tahoe

    Fiberglass Hood (no scoop and non-cowl)

    Does anyone sell a factory looking fiberglass hood? I'm not interested in a cowl hood or hood scoop of any kind. I did a Google search but only came up with custom cowl hoods and hoods with scoops.
  3. The_Family_Tahoe

    Daily truck pics

    @HotWheelsBurban I live in the Houston area too. Does your job require you to drive all over the area? You've covered a lot of ground in the process of contributing all these pictures. Keep posting, and thanks for all the pics.
  4. The_Family_Tahoe

    Summit or JEGS Vortec heads?

    Dual pattern cams are a crutch. Is there an example you can share of a single patter cam performing better than a dual pattern cam with the same intake lobe? I'm thinking about this from an intake lobe point of view, where the intake lobe is static between the two comparisons.
  5. The_Family_Tahoe

    Summit or JEGS Vortec heads?

    I've run the comp 280 a couple of times, the reality is there are better cams on the market today. The magnum line of cams is dated. It's been proven multiple times over the push rod motors need more exhaust duration (magnum cams have intake duration=exhaust duration), and flat tapped camshafts...
  6. The_Family_Tahoe

    Best setup for low-midrange torque on a stock 2 bolt main L05 88 350, with stock trans and converter?

    1\2 a second off the 1\8th ! I've always suspected a heavy wheel and tire may soak up some power, and these are real world results. Thank you for sharing. As an anecdotal data point I saw a YouTube clip a year or more ago where a truck went from 20" wheels and tires on the chassis dyno to a 17"...
  7. The_Family_Tahoe

    More Power from my 383 stroker

    It's been done! With the existing cam and heads just use an edelbrock rpm air gap intake with 1.6 ratio rockers and long tube headers to get 379 hp and 474 lbft of torque! 500 Lb-Ft In Six Easy Steps ,timing... 2 Step...
  8. The_Family_Tahoe

    1998 2 door tahoe

    I'm no audiophile either. I just want to hear my music and podcasts. I hope to install mine today and replace the existing ones that appear blown out, the foam around the exterior is all cracked and I suspect that makes them quieter than if they were in good working order. I like your 2 door!
  9. The_Family_Tahoe

    1998 2 door tahoe

    How do you like the kicker 6.5s in the door? Do you have an amp driving them? I just installed the same 4x10s in the headliner for a huge improvement!
  10. The_Family_Tahoe

    Best setup for low-midrange torque on a stock 2 bolt main L05 88 350, with stock trans and converter?

    @Slade88 make the mods and let us know if the truck will outrun a 5.7 hemi! It might, but remember, the Hemi guy is going to install nitrous or headers or some mod to make the hemi faster. The truth is, if you outrun a hemi, it won't be enough to satisfy the human condition. In my experience...
  11. The_Family_Tahoe

    Best setup for low-midrange torque on a stock 2 bolt main L05 88 350, with stock trans and converter?

    Congrats on the new job! I'd recommend the following order of mods to increase your ability to do burnouts and still keep the rig driveable around town: 1. Increase your gear ratio from 2.73 to 4.11 (you might consider 4.30 or 4.56 but the higher the ratio (numerically) the more rpm required...
  12. The_Family_Tahoe

    what’s the best trans cooler to buy?

    I use this in combination with the factory cooler. Trans temps never go above 160. I should probably mention the vehicle has a 2400 stall torque converter which likely runs hotter than a factory spec torque converter.
  13. The_Family_Tahoe

    Cam info please

    I run a Howard's Cam in my 496. It's similar to the 502 with a different bore and stroke combo but it should behave similar if used in a 502. It's Howard's part number 120265-12, a hydraulic roller (same as the 502) style. I'd recommend a good set of headers and dual exhaust with about a 2500...
  14. The_Family_Tahoe

    Black piece riveted to top corner window seam of driver and passenger doors???

    It keeps the glass "close" or "near" the window gasket or window seal. It's not needed and does nothing until you reach higher speeds. At speeds over 100mph a vacuum is generated (by the speed of the air flowing over and around the cabin) and the windows are pulled out at the top. It's kind of a...
  15. The_Family_Tahoe

    88-94 Grey Bezel Color Match

    Duplicolor medium gray is nearly an exact match. I can't tell the difference from the factory gray interior on my 1999 tahoe
  16. The_Family_Tahoe

    Rust free paint job coat

    Great hood. What is that style called? I like the white. In my experience paint is typically a "get what you pay for" service. I've taken both routes on either end of the price spectrum and the only constant is the result is never good enough. I'm in a completely different part of the country...
  17. The_Family_Tahoe

    The "correct" way to remove leaf spring bushings.

    It is a big deal. You would be wise beyond your experience not to use a torch. Source: I've used a torch to remove old leaf spring bushings. Spoiler alert: it changes the spring rate
  18. The_Family_Tahoe

    Show me your front ;p

    Reminds me of this guy:
  19. The_Family_Tahoe

    The "correct" way to remove leaf spring bushings.

    I'd be concerned I might accidentally "modify" the spring rate with that method. Source: I've done this before
  20. The_Family_Tahoe

    Wheel size

    I just went through this with my tahoe. I have a 2" front spindle drop and with stock wheels the tire edges were getting caught up with the front fender lip on bumps that fully compress the suspension. The only way around this (without rolling fenders or trimming them) was to either restore to...
  21. The_Family_Tahoe

    1988 5.7 hardly drives after CL122494 comp cams install

    Yes. New headers will not respond well to engine break-in. Always use old headers or manifolds before breaking in a new motor if you want to prevent destroying the new header finish. Not sure if this applies to a simple cam swap in an already tuned and assembled chassis. I've never done a cam...
  22. The_Family_Tahoe

    383 Vortec questions!!

    Calling @L31MaxExpress He's had great success upgrading the GenI small block and using the existing vortec electronics. What you want to do is possible and people have done it many times over. I would discourage you from removing the fuel injection in favor of a carburetor. Carbs have their...
  23. The_Family_Tahoe

    Big Block -or small block?? 1994 K1500 GMC

    Turbo or supercharge the tpi and you will have small block mileage with big block power on tap. In order to keep the mpg up you will have to keep it out of boost, but the potential is there for both mileage and power using a small block with boost.
  24. The_Family_Tahoe

    Intake Manifold upgrade

    Why the LoL? I may have missed some critical context.
  25. The_Family_Tahoe

    305 Questions

    It's fine. A 305 will go just as many miles as a 350 or 4.3l v6. From your posts above it looks like you already have a tow rig, A gmt400 with a 5.7, and an isuzu. From a utility standpoint I'm not sure you gain or lose anything by replacing the Isuzu with this 305 powered truck. I wouldn't...