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    UPol Raptor Liner paint job + clear coat

    did this about 6 months ago. definitely isn't everyone's style but i think it came out great for a first timer. 1 coat Raptor Liner, 2 coats of clear mixed with flake/color from Didspade (gravedigger), 2 coats clear. 5 coats total. overall texture is bumpy but slick, think maximum orange peel...
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    Thoughts on wheel choice? GMC 20s vs Cadillac 22s. Torn on options

    This is my existing wheel setup. 2017 GMC 20s Debating swapping to 2022 Cadillac 22s (crappy photoshop) I have an immediate buyer lined up if I were to swap, so the sale will be easy. While I do like the OEM snowflakes and get tons of compliments, I'd like to have a slightly bigger OEM...
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    Aux AC Fan for 99 5.7 Tahoe - Wiring?

    i see there is a provision on the pcm for an aux fan which i believe was used for the 7.4 trucks. is this pin enabled for 5.7? does it trigger on with 12v and can be used for a standard relay? trying to think how to properly wire an aux fan for the condenser. trying to avoid pcm tuning. i know i...
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    AC turn-on issue after running motor at car shows

    truck is a 99. what i've replaced: compressor, accumulator, both schraeder valves, orifice tube, and fan clutch. i'm fairly sure i replaced the switch on the accumulator haven't replaced: pressure switch on back of the compressor. same with the low pressure switch. i don't know enough about AC...
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    Front brake line kit for 99 Tahoe 4WD w/ ABS?

    Are there any pre-bent front brake line (and hose) kits for a 99 Tahoe 4WD w/ ABS? The rear line was already replaced from the connection at the driver side front frame rail all the way to the drums. Looking to do the rest now. I found this kit but it doesn't say whether it works with ABS. Any...
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    Blower motor stuck on (99)

    i went to go turn the blower off (AC) and the blower fan wasn’t responding to me turning the fan speed knob. it stayed at speed 3 no matter what. i pulled the hvac controller out and the fan speed knob was extremely hot as well as the plug. the wiring didn’t feel anywhere near as hot. plug...
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    Cargo door weatherstripping issues

    my 99 tahoe has been having leaking at the barn/cargo doors where water will leak from the top of the doors and pool down at the bottom inside the vehicle. i bought the full LMC truck kit for around 260 which didnt solve the issue. on the LMC kit, the rubber that runs around the body is much...
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    Vapor canister orientation?

    i had to relocate the vapor canister due to installing triple alternators. its currently pointing sideways, would this still allow it to work properly? i have to have it due to emissions testing. i drove it 40 miles like this with no CEL. any info would be great!
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    99 4l60e. transgo shift kit or B&M electronic shift kit??

    hi! i've been researching on this site and debating whether i should go with a transgo shift kit, or a B&M electronic kit, or do the $3 resistor mod i found on this site. i have electrical experience so im not afraid to do the resistor mod. i have a 99 4dr tahoe with the 4l60e and factory HD...