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  1. AK49BWL

    DIY AC Re-charge

    Wow, never seen that before. Maybe it was a bad orifice and it was the actual cause of the problem.
  2. AK49BWL

    Highliner headliner

    Do they have one for extended cabs? Lol. Maybe I just THOUGHT I was done wiring things up there :rofl:
  3. AK49BWL

    Where to put Dual Battery Isolator?

    There's a huge empty space under the PCM... It's either that or under the battery tray on the passenger side.
  4. AK49BWL

    Highliner headliner

    Oh wow, that is awesome.
  5. AK49BWL

    Climate Control Module Problem

    Thanks for coming back with an update and potential fix! Too many don't do that lol.
  6. AK49BWL

    The Stupid Interior Questions Thread

    There are some small differences between a manual and auto - I'd definitely try to get one from another truck with your specific configuration.
  7. AK49BWL

    The Stupid Interior Questions Thread

    All GMT400 dash harnesses from 92 to 94 are fairly identical. The HVAC harness is separate from the dash harness so you can replace the dash harness and leave the HVAC system alone... Unless that IS the problem, in which case you can get the HVAC harness by itself. Whether you have (or want) a 3...
  8. AK49BWL

    Heated mirror pinout?

    All GMT400s with the option for heated mirrors are pinned the same. Just don't go pulling the pigtails from an 800 and you'll be fine. The ones with heat will have 8-pin connectors, the ones without will have a 4-pin connector.
  9. AK49BWL

    Starter not working after replacing A/C controller

    Computer doesn't have a say in the matter on the 400s. That switch is in line between the ignition switch and the starter relay tho, so it could potentially be the problem - your gear shift indicator should make this obvious, however.
  10. AK49BWL

    Website Facelift?

    Oh now we have extra reactions too. Like Facebook.
  11. AK49BWL

    Starter not working after replacing A/C controller

    You do know about the relay next to the blower motor resistor pack that runs the high blower speed right... Also, one of the 40 amp fuses in the underhood fuse block runs power for that relay. If you hadn't tested the ignition switch, I might have said check the Crank fuse in the dash fuse...
  12. AK49BWL

    Website Facelift?

    It's messing with my workflow lol. I usually type my post and then Tab - Enter. Now I have to Tab - Tab - Enter because of that Attach files button :p Also how do I get my 30 posts per page back? This 10 posts per page bit ain't cuttin it.
  13. AK49BWL

    Climate Control Module Problem

    @FlyingV92 : Something is pulling far more current than it should be, and the traces on the controller are melting because of it. That trace also seems to be the one that burns out on a LOT of these control units... Which honestly leads me to suspect the replacement control units more than the...
  14. AK49BWL

    Website Facelift?

    Whoooooaaaaaaaa. Not sure what I think yet... Almost freaked out because it wanted me to log in again and it didn't look like I was in the right place :rofl:
  15. AK49BWL

    Factory Stereo Setup, NEED HELP!!

    If the fuse is getting power but the radio isn't, and you've already ruled out the CDM, then you have a broken or loose wire between the fuse block and the CDM connector. There's actually a real quick and dirty way to test the CDM, just jumper the battery in terminal (orange wire) to the...
  16. AK49BWL

    Factory Stereo Setup, NEED HELP!!

    Is the radio fuse getting power in Accessory? The tape deck and EQ will NOT power up unless the radio is on. Backlighting is on a separate wire directly from the headlight switch so it working really doesn't mean much in this instance lol. The fact that the RCL button brings the time up means...
  17. AK49BWL

    DIY AC Re-charge

    Generally you purge, vac, then fill WHILE the ENTIRE SYSTEM is still vacced. Do NOT release the vacuum before filling the system. That low side pressure really shouldn't ever go above 100 psi tbh, and that high is really only for when the compressor is not running for an extended period (low and...
  18. AK49BWL

    How to: Install DIC in gmt400 overhead console

    Yeah those are the display driver load sink resistors, they're famous for cold solder joints in these DICs, the newer instrument clusters, etc.
  19. AK49BWL

    How To: Install a Compass / Temperature Rear View Mirror

    20-24 is fine, there's no more than about 400mA going through them at any given time.
  20. AK49BWL

    88-94 Dash Replacement

    This one's in my 97... There is not much difference between these and the originals, except one thing - they're brand new and not at all brittle. But if you don't already have a gray interior, it's going to look out of place because they only come in dark gray.
  21. AK49BWL

    Another door lock question, need help! ('95 C1500)

    Sounds more like either the motors are getting weak or the circuit breaker is starting to quit. My doors will lock and unlock down to about 8 volts, ask me how I know that one lol
  22. AK49BWL

    The Stupid Electronics Questions Thread

    The connector with the green and blue wires is your reverse lighting signal, should be plugged into the little module at the firewall end of the steering column. And personally, based on my knowledge of these trucks, orange, white, and black should NEVER be twisted together like that. Orange is...
  23. AK49BWL

    95+ cluster in a 92

    The 92-99 clusters all electrically run the same way, and all of the 95+ clusters (sans diesel) are the same (with the exception of the 110-120-130mph clusters). I'm running a 94 cluster in my 97 with a 2002 PCM and everything works the same as it did with my 97 and Escy clusters. But the 95+...
  24. AK49BWL

    Making a 88-91 dash work on a 92-94

    Because it wouldn't work. He would have to add a VSS buffer module and move a lot more than just the cluster connector terminals around.
  25. AK49BWL

    1997 Silverado Airbag SDM help

    I have one from my 97 I can send you....or depending on where in Texas you are, we could just meet up lol.