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    Best shocks for potholes

    How about a quick ratio steering box? That way you can steer around the pot holes, avoiding bottoming out and blowing a tire, etc...
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    Truck failed inspection because cat too close to floor. Cheap fix?

    That's a new one for me. Take it back, and have the mechanic show you the rulebook and the wording that specifies the proper distance from body to converter. If they can't, they're blowing smoke up your ass.
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    Steering play c2500 gmt400

    As long as you've verified theres no intermediate shaft, rag joint, linkage or ball joint play, have you tried adjusting the lash in the gearbox itself?
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    Wheels stick out to far for PA.

    The problem in this equation is the 15" wheel. In order for the 15's to clear the lower ball joint, it needs to be offset. Anyone giving you suggestions on any wheel larger than 16 doesn't have the clearance problem of the undersize 15" wheel. Theres been partial solutions offered, none will...
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    Strangely enough, AFM or DOD (or whatever acronym they use) isn't an option on the GMT400. While many mechanics might be familiar with the system, a GMT800, 900, or GMTXX site would be a better forum for that info. Just saying... it's kinda like asking for EcoBoost tuning on a Model T site...
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    93 K3500 14blt ff in a 2000 C2500?

    Center to center dimensions are different between 4x2 and 4x4. Short answer, no
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    Gmt400 Escalade

    Never said there was. Just queried if there was a question associated with said pictures... In actuality, I admire how the clear front lenses look in combination with the light body color. I put dark tinted lenses front and rear on my black Denali.
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    Tow package - white wire

    Truck side reverse is a dark green. Not to be confused with light green, being right turn/brake. Black is ground. Never seen a white. Perhaps someone spliced in a different color?
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    Everyone's favorite paint for making headers look good again? 89 350 crate

    I've been using a high heat paint, designed for gas or charcoal grills. Withstands about 1500 degrees. Its held up well to summer towing, and winter salt and snow plowing extremes.
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    Gmt400 Escalade

    Wow! Vain, self absorbed, and overly sensitive. Great combination. Perhaps a psychiatrist website would be a better place for you... And for the sake of the conversation, I have a '00 Denali. Same basic luxury upgraded SUV. My son loves using it as a jungle gym. So its not my youth I am...
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    Gmt400 Escalade

    Where'd to take it? Where'd you go? How long of a trip was it? What was the problem? Or is this just a "look at me, I need praise and attention"...
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    G80 9.5 rear end

    8 lug semi float is gonna be a 10.5" 6 lug semi float is the 9.5" GM doesnt use posi-traction in their trucks. They come with a mechanical locker that acts like an open diff when the wheel speed differential (difference between left tire and right tire) exceeds 200 RPMs. G80 is the code. As...
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    88 gmc 1500 2wd

    What year Roadmaster? They've been coil springs with trailing arms, the brakes and bearings are smaller, and have been rated lower for carrying loads than one from an S10. Heck of a downgrade...
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    Tilt Steering wheel

    It's the entire column. You'll need to find one in the boneyard that has the same options (i.e.: cruise, wiper delay) then swap over your ignition cylinder. I think '88-'93 should be compatible.
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    Looking for stock style exhaust options

    OBD 2 vehicles use dual upstream O2 sensors. Does your "Option 2" y-pipe come equipped with dual bungs? Does your OE pipe assy have 1 or 2 downstream sensors. You'll need to equip your new exhaust with the same number, and locations as OE
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    At a loss, Acceleration Shake

    Off the line acceleration vibration, after a lift kit with blocks? Your problem is your pinion angle. Lower the nose of the axle, it's too high.
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    Towing and sucking gas like crazy.

    Another dead old thread resurrected by a newbie Buddy, please check the "last posted response date" before you reply...
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    Lower Control Arms Help

    You sure the lower control arms aren't gonna be too long? From mounting bolts to ball joints, the 8-lug trucks sit much wider than the 6-luggers.
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    No Spark

    There's a whole procedure to align the distributor angle, via a scanner for all Vortec L30 and L31 engines. What degree is the distributor offset on your scanner?
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    Transfercase question VSS

    But you do have a 97 k3500. So what happened to the original tranny and t-case? What wiring harness are you using? The OBD2 or the OBD1?
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    Transfercase question VSS

    Both the NV4500 and the 4L80 should have 6 bolt patterns, and 32 spline output shafts. Put your '97 t-case back in and the VSS should begin working again.
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    95 Sierra no power

    Gotcha Missed that in your earlier answer Thanks for clarification...
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    Turn signal hyperflash

    I have LED rear bulbs: CK3157. I have an EP29 LED flasher module. Signals are regular and normal. Then I put in LED 1157's up front and the ole girl hyperflashes. I put the standard bulbs back in and it's back to normal turn signal flashing. Stumped... Ideas? Do I need to double up and use...
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    95 Sierra no power

    Routing pattern of what?
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    98 Silverado 5.0 Vortec, loss of power under a load

    Any codes? My first thought was a malfunctioning torque converter lockup solenoid. It's supposed to unlock to give some additional engine rpm when passing at highway speeds