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  1. zachary A makoff

    transmission grinding and not moving

    I just installed my new motor and I put it into reverse and moved 10 feet then it stopped and then I put it into drive and it started grinding. When I shift it into gear with the coloum it grinds in every gear as well as it won't go into park with the column, I have to go underneath and push it...
  2. zachary A makoff

    binding starter

    I just finished rebuilding my motor and the start clicks then stops and I lose all power. When I unbolt the starter and try it, it spins fine. I took all the plugs out and the belt. the starter is a year old and doesn't have much run time as my motor blew shortly after I replaced it. Any tips?
  3. zachary A makoff

    ls1 5.7 vs 5.3 swap

    I'm swapping a new motor into my 98 k1500 as the stock 5.7 Vortec started knocking right after I was done putting a new tranny in and I'm at a crossroads. I have access to two motors. One is an aluminum block 5.3 and the other is a 5.7 ls1. I don't know which one to get so I could really use...
  4. zachary A makoff

    LS swap

    I replaced my transmission and started it up and it started knocking so I was going to rebuild my 350 4 bolt with 906 heads and after adding the numbers with the stoker kit valve train and everything it was 2600 before machining so I decided to just do a 5.3 ls swap. I don't know anything and I...
  5. zachary A makoff

    383 build questions

    I have a 350 Vortec with a 4 bolt main and 906 cylinder heads. It recently started to knock so I got it all apart and decided to rebuild it as a 383 stroker. My question is what kits should I use for it. I was thinking about using this on for the rotating assembly...
  6. zachary A makoff

    NP241C rebuild

    I am getting my transmission rebuilt and while it's out I figured to rebuild the transfer case myself. Where should I go to buy the rebuild kit and is there a schematic of how it goes together?