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  1. RCSB_jonny

    $800 97 K1500

    Lol you're quick, I pulled the photo since I realized it wasn't actually the Uhaul one. Yeah that trailer was horribly unbalanced. Should have flipped the truck end for end but it wasn't running and it was already a huge hassle loading it on my urban residential street. Uhaul trailer is much...
  2. RCSB_jonny

    $800 97 K1500

    I can confirm that for you, we used a U-haul trailer to bring my bro's RCSB home.
  3. RCSB_jonny

    Daily truck pics

    Nice! Reminds me a lot of my grandpa's old truck, it had pinstripes like that but they were light blue. I'm not sure whatever happened to it, probably scrapped as it was a beat up farm truck. After that he ended up with a blacked out RCSB cateye that he bought off some teenager (got a LOT of...
  4. RCSB_jonny

    I had a local body shop put a later style bumper on my truck and it looks nice

    Was the plow truck n HD? I believe those switched styles a year later, so it could be from a 2014 HD which would be the same style as a 2007-2013 1500.
  5. RCSB_jonny

    1993 Shortbox Build

    Got everything off the truck on the driver's side, except the stuck torsion bar and the ball joints. But the frame is clear anyway. Passenger side is not quite as far, I was aiming to get to the same point but I got a bolt stuck in a socket and it was late.
  6. RCSB_jonny

    1993 Shortbox Build

    Started tearing into the front end last night, but had to stop since I don't have a big enough socket for the ball joint castle nuts. It looks (and is) hella rusty, but so far I haven't actually had to fight anything very much yet. The inside faces of nuts are still shiny metal once I get them...
  7. RCSB_jonny

    1993 Shortbox Build

    Yeah the step guy ghosted me actually, I still have them. The Chevy grille and fleetside has always been my ideal truck, and I just figured they were easy enough to swap that I was willing to compromise on those when I decided it was time to buy one. Haven't done the grille yet but I came out...
  8. RCSB_jonny

    1993 Shortbox Build

    Well, it's been over a year an unfortunately I don't have much of an update, but I figure if I post something it might motivate me to keep at er. It's pretty hard to work on it in the winter, between the cold and my dad piling a bunch of junk in the garage around it. He lives an hour away from...
  9. RCSB_jonny

    I see a red truck and I want to paint it black ....

    That sure is a red-Chevy neighbourhood!
  10. RCSB_jonny

    WTT stepside for fleetside

    I went through this same swap, took around a year to find a taker for my stepside. It was rusted through on the rails so not that surprising. Used FB Marketplace and Kijiji, a few hits on both but Kijiji had the better quality responses. Edit: I didn't actually end up swapping. Bought a...
  11. RCSB_jonny

    1990 GMC K1500 restoration

    I also want to say that I've been loving your videos! Do you have experience with AC Delco suspension parts and how they compare to the Mevotech? I'll rebuiidling mine within the next year, my parts approach in general has been GM OE > AC Delco > best "other" that I can find.
  12. RCSB_jonny

    1989 c2500 Long bed

    Damn that's clean! Awesome truck!
  13. RCSB_jonny

    New truck

    That paint is in good shape from this far away!
  14. RCSB_jonny

    1989 chevy rclb "faded glory"

    Looking great so far! What rust inhibitor are you using?
  15. RCSB_jonny

    Why are 88's-98's special?

    To me they're special because my dad drove one when I was a kid, and I learned how to drive in one. Not very much experience actually driving one regularly, but I love the looks, an all-time classic. Hoping to have mine on the road soon, bought it last summer and started restoring but budget...
  16. RCSB_jonny

    91 RC stepside

    Totally agree with you. The tradeoff is that the GMT800 stepside has no "step" behind the wheels.
  17. RCSB_jonny

    91 RC stepside

    Great looking truck!
  18. RCSB_jonny

    1997 GMC K1500

    Awesome looking truck! The modern GM wheels look good
  19. RCSB_jonny

    88 K1500

    Both great looking trucks!
  20. RCSB_jonny

    Fuel pump + line fittings

    Thanks for the link!
  21. RCSB_jonny

    Fuel pump + line fittings

    No brass union. I see that it's in the one picture on the lines website, maybe that's the missing link. I'll see about measuring the pitch, and give the lines people a call.
  22. RCSB_jonny

    Fuel pump + line fittings

    I tried searching but couldn't quite find an answer, so here we go. I'm replacing my gas tank, fuel pump, and rear fuel lines up to the filter on my '93 RCSB 5.7L. I ordered all the parts and have them here at my house, but the truck is at my parents' farm. Needed something to tinker with while...
  23. RCSB_jonny

    $800 - 89 K1500 Silverado - negleted to useful

    Truck looks great! Where did you get the new handle? How's the quality?
  24. RCSB_jonny

    JWall's 98 Reg Cab SWB

    That looks fantastic!
  25. RCSB_jonny

    Rusted out 92 k1500 rcsb. Need Advice.

    Poke around under there with a screwdriver, you'll find out real quick if it's bad. If it's solid, go for it. I'm partway through doing exactly that with mine, including finding almost all new sheet metal.