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    4.3 tbi

    Ok so I have ran into a problem with a 90 4.3 5SPD truck. Has serious flooding issues and injectors look almost stuck static. New distributor, new temp sender, rebuilt throttle body and swapped to a later TPS main body due to a lil to much shaft wear on the original. Retained same injector tower...
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    Coil overs......

    Has anyone did the coil over swap successfully and run it for a while? Mounting and reinforcement is easy task if had few suggestions also like to know what coilover and spring rate also. Like to heat suggested things "if could do over" kinda stuff. Before everyone says to SAS it that's not...
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    Should l reinforce my frame between cab and bed (and few other key spots) or not....... the cross bracing and boxing in isnt the issue I'm struggling with the flex issue and if it needs some. Truck is 96 k1500, nv4500 trans, 14bolt 3.73s, 1500hd springs from a 02, and 35s. Frame that going under...
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    02 vs 98 idler benefits

    Been thinking about using the 02 2500 idler set up on my 98 frame since there is a ton of upgrades for the 02 style. Getting it on and set up is the easy parts but was wanting others input.
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    Has anyone ever tried a pre 95 NV4500 bellhousing on a 95 up? They say the pattern is off and i was wondering just how much off. If its not bad and i can weld and machine or drill and tap id like to put one on my 96
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    Intake options

    Ok looking at intake options other than a marine one for individual injectors. Flattop lt1 rotating assembly, lt1 stock cam advanced few degree for more bottom end, stock heads with radius valve job and port match to the paper gasket. Stock intake performance is enough but want the injectors...
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    02 steering box

    I have a 02 1500hd steering box that is way better than mine and everything looks like it will fit other than the shaft witch isnt a problem if thats all. Has anyone put later box on a 96?
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    Speed density

    So im deleting maf on my 96 when i go 0411 pcm. Seen when i searched on here that everyone saying would need two tunes. So how does a 93 lt1 run so good any time of the year? Even my 05 trailblazer is speed density and it runs all year the same. Just seeing why people are saying wont work right...
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    96 4wd

    Since i need to introduce myself my name is Brandon and im from eastern Oklahoma, truck is just a old 96 5.7 with a nv4500 and 3.73 14bolt. 35x12.5x17 four turns in torsion bars and Has 02 1500hd leafs in rear is only suspension change. I pull with it, work it, drive it and wheel it when i...