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  1. Wildblue19

    Digital Dashboard Mounts and other GMT400 Custom Parts

    Thread started to offer a concise, updated list of all the parts offered for GMT400 trucks found here at Reversion Raceworks. Custom requests, and more info about the parts can be found at the end of the thread. All parts can be customized to fit your build, just reach out. 95-98+ - EFI Dash...
  2. Wildblue19

    88-94 5.7 Suburban A/C Diagnosis and Tuning

    Hey everyone. Unique A/C question on orifice tubes for my 1993 GMC 5.7 4x4 Suburban. TLDR, AC sucks and I took off my condensor lines and there was no orifice tube - straight up empty pipe. Put one in and negligible changes in vent temps. Is having no orifice tube intentional for rear air...
  3. Wildblue19

    88-94 Grey Bezel Color Match

    For those looking for a color match for the grey 88-94 dash bezels, or those that have tried... Was working on a personal project and I've had a heck of a time finding an off the shelf color match. Went through most of the SEM gray plastic paints and none were even close. Eventually went to...
  4. Wildblue19

    Mysterious "water valve" - 1993 K1500

    While reading through the 1993 C/K 1500 electrical systems manual (thank you @hatzie ), I stumbled across this tidbit in the AC section: "The Water Valve is a normally open solenoid that allows coolant to flow through the heater core. The Water Valve closes when the temperature setting on the...
  5. Wildblue19

    1988 Black Rear Defog Switch - Tested

    For sale, 88 only black color (fits 88-94 though) rear defog switch. Tested in my own truck, was going to use it but found a correct gray switch. Used OE, made in Canada, great shape & no damage other than very common letter fade on a 34 year old switch. Price: 65$ shipped (lower 48) Will...
  6. Wildblue19

    OEM Vent Delete Center Dash Panel

    I was looking around on the old electronic bay and came across this panel. Looks like this is the associated pocket behind it. OE vent delete - What the heck is it for? Panel pn 15546025 Pocket pn 15545911
  7. Wildblue19

    93 Burb Sub Box and Amp

    Definitely been done before, but wanted to post my amp and sub location in my truck. Made brackets to mount the amp to the sliding part of the seat and added enough slack in the cables so everything can still articulate normally. 4 channel amp with 2 bridged for the sub and the other 2 for Q...
  8. Wildblue19

    Passive Crossover Signal Mesh / Impedance

    Hello all, I'm installing Q forms kick panels with a component 6.5/tweeter set that comes with a passive crossover. The crossover has the amp input and woofer/tweeter outputs. I would like to wire in the front 4 ohm 4x6 in series with the kick panel speakers, and have the 4x6 recieve full range...
  9. Wildblue19

    Custom Dash / Accessories - 3D Printed

    Hello all, Mods, please move thread as you see fit, I felt that custom interior was the best fit for this post. I have a team of a few engineers with access to professional grade 3D scanners and printers. Our passion is in motorsports and we are working on creating useful, long-lasting...
  10. Wildblue19

    13.6 Inch 2019 Silverado rotor conversion

    Long time lurker, 1st post here. I have been working on a budget "big brake" upgrade for my 93 Burb, consisting of the new 2019+ Silverado 13.6" rotor. This idea came from my research which showed that the new trucks use a huge rotor but share the 6x5.5" bolt pattern and 78mm center bore...