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  1. RCSB_jonny

    Fuel pump + line fittings

    I tried searching but couldn't quite find an answer, so here we go. I'm replacing my gas tank, fuel pump, and rear fuel lines up to the filter on my '93 RCSB 5.7L. I ordered all the parts and have them here at my house, but the truck is at my parents' farm. Needed something to tinker with while...
  2. RCSB_jonny

    1993 Shortbox Build

    Hi guys, I posted in the intro section but didn't think I would get to starting a build thread for a while. The original plan was to store the truck at my dad's farm and work on it starting next year when I had more funds. Well, I couldn't help myself and tore into it a bit this weekend, so...
  3. RCSB_jonny

    Hello from Ontario, with a '93 RCSB

    Hi everyone! I've been reading this site quite a bit as I've been researching trucks, and yesterday bought one so decided it was time to sign up. Some background, my dad has always been a GM truck guy. When I was very young his baby was a '88 Chev RCSB Stepside (totalled :( )then got a 91 or...