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  1. Drunkcanuk

    Low Buck 90 GMC Build

    They almost look like an American Racing wheel or Prime. Maybe take a good closer picture and do an "image search" on Google. Let us know what you find. And x2 on popping the ones that you have off and see if you find anything.
  2. Drunkcanuk

    Parking brake bypass

    Gotcha....that makes sense. Watching episodes of "meat eater" I assume!!! Lol. Steve is awesome.
  3. Drunkcanuk

    Parking brake bypass

    Well....back in the day when we wanted to go incognito without daytime running lights, we just clicked the e-brake down one notch and they went off. Higley doubt it actually engaged the brakes, so I guess wire as per instructions and give it a click. But in no way am I condoning watching tv...
  4. Drunkcanuk

    My second 89 Shortbox project

    That two tone is nice! I want a darker grey but that's awesome. Thanks for sharing that. I was never a fan of the W/T grill. But those are changed out easily enough, well, if you can find one in a boneyard. Nothing wrong with "building" up your skills. Do the mono job, if you like it, later on...
  5. Drunkcanuk

    My second 89 Shortbox project

    Looking good. Hopefully next year I get to tackle painting my pig. Neat part of painting yourself is if you fudge it up, hit it with a sander and do better next time. And I'd LOVE to get my hands on some "hideous" wheels like that in your rendering!!! Lol. Funny thing is I'm thinking of the same...
  6. Drunkcanuk

    Is it me is imagination drying up

    Not to derail the original point of this thread, but I guess this goes with the less money point. The client and my company originally signed the contract for this project 5yrs ago. It's a union job that instead of falling under the "collective agreement" it was a "site specific" one. 5yrs ago...
  7. Drunkcanuk

    Is it me is imagination drying up

    Probably a combination of lack of buying power and stupid easy access to bolt on parts. I seriously stay awake at night running projects through my messed up brain! Lol I am currently at a power plant project that 20yrs ago we made $30hr, last summer when I got there for another phase, the wage...
  8. Drunkcanuk

    Low Buck 90 GMC Build

    Welcome, nice foundation to start with. Looks straight and rust free. Even dig the wheels! One of my favorite styles of "the era". Lots of help on here as you know. Keep us posted.
  9. Drunkcanuk

    IHC vs DJM 4/6" Full Lowering kit

    Don't have your answer, but very interested in others opinions. I'm going to lower mine probably next year, needs a front suspension refresher anyway. And would probably be money ahead buying a a-arm kit instead of spindles and new a-arm as well. See who chimes in on this. But spindles seem to...
  10. Drunkcanuk

    Street Scene Sport Mirrors

    Found these on the site. Same part #. Says nothing about signals, would think that's a selling point if they had them. And the ones with signals are definitely more $$$. Reach out to street scene. Reviews are less than reliable on almost every site out there. Hopefully this helps a...
  11. Drunkcanuk

    1990 Regular Cab, Stepside Cab Mount Dimensions

    Wouldn't just bolting them up to the cab eliminate any questions of where they go? Then burn them in. Not trying to be a smartass, but sometimes the easy things are easily missed. But if you already have the cab off, makes sense why you are asking.
  12. Drunkcanuk

    88-94 vs. 95-98 Interior Debate

    I do have experience with fiberglass, am a carpenter by trade and one of the divisions at my wife's work is an upholstery shop. One day I may find a boneyard set and experiment. But alas....a million other things on the plate. But your plaid still has me thinking!!! Lol
  13. Drunkcanuk

    88-94 vs. 95-98 Interior Debate

    I wish they all did....I have the vinyl covered ones. But hopefully I'll come across some or figure a way to class the old pig up.
  14. Drunkcanuk

    Another project truck - '97 K2500 ecsb

    Nice find and even nicer to have your girl get behind it. Looks like a bit of work, but nothing that can't be fixed. Question....where did you get than vin report?
  15. Drunkcanuk

    Howdy everyone.

    Aaaaah....that makes sense. I did notice the wood, but didn't put it together. Thanks
  16. Drunkcanuk

    88-94 vs. 95-98 Interior Debate

    I have a 91, don't think I've even been in a 95+. So I guess I'm partial to the old/OG style. But what I do miss is options for different color interiors!!! I don't think I have really seen color options on any new trucks until you get into the "western" style then it goes from grey to brown...
  17. Drunkcanuk

    Howdy everyone.

    Welcome, from another step side and Moonie owner. Man, what that southern weather does to protect against rust sure does a job on lights and plastic. Looks like a great survivor and solid base to get up and running. Those seats don't look stock, any info on them? And if you were a LOT closer...
  18. Drunkcanuk

    Long Bed -----> Short Bed conversion questions

    I believe there was an episode of "trucks" years back where they did it the right way on one of these trucks. Like @618 said, cut mid frame, z the cut and fishplate. Any other way is foolish, unsafe and will yield poor results. If this was an easy thing to do right, there would be a LOT more...
  19. Drunkcanuk

    My Chevy truck doesn't let me down

    Welcome! Nice to see a clean unmolested truck! The weather down south sure makes it easy on all you lucky buggers!!! Had my 91 since 96, never named it, but sure called it some names at times!!!! Lol. But overall with over 300 000km, it's been more reliable than any of the new vehicles I have...
  20. Drunkcanuk

    Speaker size

    Another vote for components. I had Clarion 4x6 plates just in the dash, with I believe a 3.5" mid and a 3/4" tweeter. They handled the abuse I sent their way. Didn't want the B-pillar ones screaming in my ear!!! If you are just running off the deck with no subs, you will more likely than not be...
  21. Drunkcanuk

    97 gmc door panel Exchange

    I don't know how to link threads, but a quick google search of obs gmt400 door difference brings you back here. Looks like you would have to unbolt your inner door structure and swap them over. Seems relatively easy. Hope this helps.
  22. Drunkcanuk

    97 gmc door panel Exchange

    I know they are different. I believe going from old to new is relatively painless, removing a brace or something. But going from new style to an older door will be problematic. There is pics on here somewhere that shows the difference.
  23. Drunkcanuk

    Traded trucks

    I had/have one for my 91. Took it off as a few holes got a bit rusty and leak in the rain/car wash. And caused it to vibrate like crazy. I'm torn on putting it back on, buddies say no, which makes me more eager to put it back on after welding up a few of the holes. As to the OP, glad you are...
  24. Drunkcanuk

    94” c1500 base drop

    Probably having trouble finding 3/6 info/pics because that's an odd drop. 0/2, 2/4, 4/6 and 5/7 are the normal drops on these trucks. Let's see some pics of what you are working on!