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    Diesel pump

    Hello guys. I need advice about a problem with a chevy 6.5 turbo diesel 1994. I full rebuilt my engine and, when I start engine have some trouble to start cause Injection Timing Stepper Motor doesn't work (was broken when I check it). After I replace it, engine, starting without problems, BUT...
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    ERROR 34, injection timing stepper motor fault

    Hello folks! Finally I start my engine but but but... On the dash appear a error signal: Engine Chevy 6.5 TD 1994 ERROR 34, INJECTIONS TIMING STEPPER MOTOR FAULT. Can someone explain to me something more? Maybe with a picture where looking which part is it? And, this error, is dangerous for...
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    Support brackets

    Hello folks, my first post here. Chevy Tahoe 1994 engine 6.5 turbo diesel 4x4. I rebuilt engine and am not able to find right place of this support on the picture. Can someone help me? Thanks in advance!