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    97 vortec/carbed in 96 k1500

    Yes, you'll need a bypass regulator (3 ports plus gauge) that can return fuel to the tank. Carbs usually like 5 - 8 PSI.
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    The Stupid Engine Questions Thread

    To lower fuel pressure you turn the screw counter clockwise. I'm not aware of a "stock" regulator being all that adjustable, the screw is too short. Do you have a pressure gauge on it? How do you know it's running rich, do you have a scanner that can see O2 feedback? Is your engine stock...
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    The Stupid Engine Questions Thread

    W What year, model, and engine? TBI or Vortec?
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    1988-1998 Chevy & GMC Ground Strap Kits (NEW)

    He probably won't answer your question, he hasn't been seen on this forum since Oct/2014. You can click on his avatar and see when he was last here.
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    PSA: Prime Day for Delco Parts

    Should stock up on oil filters too. I went to O'Reilys yesterday to get oil and filter for my wife's 2015 Escape Titanium 2.0T and they were out of every brand on the shelf for that model. Luckily enough the gal behind the counter found a WIX filter in the back. The only other choice she had...
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    New Power Steering Pump Brands

    Doh! :banghead: I don't know why I was talking about the pump, it has nothing to do with that - the gearbox does. Please disregard my post :pp:
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    New Power Steering Pump Brands

    My 88 has always been harder to turn to the left than the right with 2 different pumps. Is yours (or anyone else's) even both ways? If even, that's the one I'd want:33:
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    Door panel painting

    SEM works well too. The trick is in the prep. After painting/dying use "Satin Gloss Clear". BTW I couldn't open your picks.
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    What are the clear tails going for these days?

    Lights look good, your custom crease in the tailgate - not so much :anitoof:
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    Truck failed inspection because cat too close to floor. Cheap fix?

    The way it sits now, a small rock will take out the O2 sensor and then it'll start the grass on fire :anitoof:
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    92 5.7 Factory pistons flat top or dished.

    FWIU, stock TBI pistons are ~12cc, deck height is 9.025" (which gives you a total of 25cc with piston dish and down bore), and combustion chamber is ~64-65cc, depending on who you ask. Don't forget your head gasket too. YMMV As @Hipster said, the best way is to cc them yourself.
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    Truck failed inspection because cat too close to floor. Cheap fix?

    In looking at it, isn't the cat upside down? The heat shield on it is on the bottom plus, the O2 sensor shouldn't be pointing straight down maybe?
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    Fuel pump

    You're right, I'm wrong - CRS strikes again :( My OE manifolds are flat and used a donut. My shorty headers have a ball joint which fits with the OE Y pipe. So, maybe I'm 1/2 right? :Big Laugh:
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    Rough idle

    Instead of throwing parts at it, get a scanner and look at the data stream to see what's going on. It could be TPS, CTS, ICM, MAP, EST, and a multitude of other TLAs (Three Letter Acronyms) :Big Laugh: How's you fuel pressure? Is you timing set correctly with the EST bypass wire disconnected...
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    Ignition timing

    Exactly! The ECM doesn't know what your base timing is unless you tell it. Some have a file where you tell it what your base is, then it'll compensate for that. It'd be a good idea if you watched your KCs and SA retard if you get too close to detination but, IMHO 3 or 4 degrees won't bother...
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    Truck failed inspection because cat too close to floor. Cheap fix?

    How about a 4" body lift? :anitoof: JK
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    This is weird after coil replacement

    I see you're logged in as your alter ego again, LOL
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    1988 G20 A Team Drift Van - another air pump delete thread

    I thought it was a 6 groove, at least it is on my 88 C1500. Maybe square bodys were different?
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    Website Facelift?

    That's cool! Up until now I was just clicking on "New Posts" under "Forums" tab. It's taken some adjusting but, so far, I like it!:biggrin: It's a lot better than other forums of which I'm a member. Some are just a PITA! Great job and keep it up!:waytogo:
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    Fuel pump

    My 88 was a little different, it had a ball joint with no gaskets. My headers are the same. The Y pipe is 2-1/4" to 3".
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    Website Facelift?

    Yep, might have something to do with the past couple days of weird $hit going on with the database?:biggrin:
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    I saw on another thread where Black Bear won't tune out EGR anymore, probably because of EPA crackdowns on illegal modifications and "tunes". My son was telling me about a guy in Texas who got a ginormous fine for soldering daughter boards in newer PCMs so you can bypass security and tune them.
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    What is this called???

    The PCV hose and valve are on the other side of the engine. This is a vent tube that goes to the back of the Throttle Body spacer between the air filter and the TB. I took the original tube and cut it into pieces and used 13/16" hose IIRC. You can get the hose and valve cover grommet in the...
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    The Stupid Engine Questions Thread

    I don't have a good picture of the coil mounts but, it should have a flange on each side with a foot opposite the other (kiddie corner). It mounts just behind the Throttle Body. Sometimes when you buy an aftermarket coil you have to reuse the flanges from the OE one, HTH