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  1. GoToGuy

    Starter not working after replacing A/C controller

    Ignore the cracked case. Post office care in transit(not). What got from Rock Auto. Twenty and the shipping. Its in pdf so any computer can play it.
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    Another door lock question, need help! ('95 C1500)

    Most relays GM uses will function down to 9 volts. Most likely not below that. So the battery is not the prob. Door lock solenoids get tired wear out, start with test light. Door switch lock/ unlock gets alot of cycles. You hear relay click start chasing power down to where it stops.
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    Starter not working after replacing A/C controller

    Have you checked by moving wiggle shift lever? Did you bump or touch any neutral safety switch wires.
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    I had Jackman steel spokes on my 79 chevy luv 4x4. But they have been out of business for a loonngg time. They were better as actual welded spokes. Not a pierced plate fake spoke. How about the OE rally wheel like the steel silverado?
  5. GoToGuy

    Towing with oversized tires?

    In case you don't know, the " profile" of the tire casing is a percentage of the tread width. I have 265/ 75 16 on my K2500. The tread is 10.43 inches, 75 percent is 7.82 and tire DIAMETER is 31.65 inches. It's not somuch as " oversize" tires as whats the diameter? It's the diameter of the...
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    Starter not working after replacing A/C controller

    It sounds like you want to keep your truck for a while. For 20 bucks at rockauto you can get a pdf of your year factory service service manual. And it will guide you step by step, it kinda beats just throwing parts at it and praying. Just an idea to help out.
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    Engine mounts

    So your vehicle has clamshells that are not the same as shown in the photos provided by "L31max'" ? When you say " float" how much movement are you talking about? As the design shows, the material is to be captured in the center of the shell. Your reading too much into worn out materials. It...
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    Engine mounts

    Did you talk to Energy about problems with fitting the poly insert? Yes they take some muscle grunt to get together. But thats the idea, there not squishy softy rubber isolators. The photos of your original mounts, (orignal factory O.E. ?) They are toast, degraded torn(?), sagging alignment...
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    No Spark

    When you induce problems into repair it really becomes wild shots in the dark. As much cranking you need to do, plugs in or out you might leave it on a charger when not cranking. How are you checking for a spark? With a real air gap spark or some other? Is that right, when checking for spark...
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    No Spark

    The computer can see the crank pos indicator, because it fired the spark through the coil output. Why isn't that lightning bolt traveling all the way though the cap? Upon disassembly, set engine position TDC #1 on crank position timing marks. Marked dist' base position, marked rotor position in...
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    No Spark

    If you removed parts and did not break anything, made needed repairs, then installed all parts, connections, with no " oh ****" , using correct procedures. Then something was missed or you have had some type of sudden catastrophic failure. You have a strong spark on coil output dist' side...
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    Loud Noise Help!

    You mentioned ac compressor, does the sound change with ac on fullblast? If you stethoscope the areas of the ac switch on and off sound change?
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    Loud Noise Help!

    The above took a little time with a stethoscope, and telling everyone and the dog and cat to shut the hellup for just a minute, please... You have the correct size belt installed, check the tensioner wear indcator on the top of housing, arrow tab and gauge band moulded in housing. Does it make...
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    Loud Noise Help!

    So in using any aerosols yo find a mystery sound, squeel, screech, scream, grinding. Unless! Your very sure and experienced in this method. You will always get a sh**ton of overspray potentially mileading or hiding the real culprit. Example- everytome i start it up i get a squeel whine on...
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    Dual Caliper Conversion Finally Done

    Drums move much further to engage braking surface than disc. Remember drums and shoes have return springs and flex when actuated. Disc pads when pressure released slightly float away from rotor and are always near rotor so fluid travel takes less volume to move to contact.
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    Headers difference

    Since yours may fall into the transition years, you may have to go by visual comparison rather than part listed catalogue. Good luck.
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    question about y pipes

    You didn't know the Rat is half again as big as mouse? Hmmmm.
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    I can smell it but cant find a leak!

    Had customer same complaint. Pressure check can not duplicate. Back again samething. Finally looked at Rad cap closely. The cap seals were allowing just enough sweet smell. New cap fixed. The hotshots checked the system but not the cap. Go figure...m
  19. GoToGuy

    The end all engine fixer....

    Wow, i was afraid to say I've been using mavel wonder juice in my air tools since high school. '74. 1955 GMC, i found a wrecked chevy in junkyard with 409. Yes very very much fun.
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    JBA or any Long Tube headers

    How much of gain? Is actually seat butt measurable, or only slightly seen on a dyno.
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    Weird exhaust question

    Have you tried Summit or Jegs or Rock or Amazon for a cat back dual kit? When my wife finally said " Enough!" I ordered the cat back duals from Summit to replace the original barrel muffler. My wife said the dog knew i on the home blocks away. Hah hah. Good luck.
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    Bosal 0795111 - Does it fit K series TBI?

    Your truck is older obd 1 like my 95 K2500. The original cat finally died last year. Have you checked with "Walker exhaust" for pipesand cat. The 96 and up as you probly found out, obd2, before cat sensor reads mixture for engine operation. The after cat sensor is monitoring cat health. There is...
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    As stated if you had " measured twice..etc" you would seen the ball fitting. It is obvious. I think your talking about hot air tube? So after your fitting and, paying for welding, fabrication for whatever else, check the flanges with a straight edge. I used carbon fiber gaskets on my shorty...
  24. GoToGuy

    98 5.7L Headers - Possibly stupid questions

    My 98 tahoe short ceramic coated headers( my model no air injection tubes/ smog) . Ceramic headers contain heat to carry out through exhaust rather radiate into engine compartment. Not alot but it noticeable. 1st pair of exhaust gas sensors are for engine power, mixture soforth. Second pair...
  25. GoToGuy

    5.7 Vortec: Intermittant start failure.

    Have you done the injector spider conversion?