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    VIN question

    Wouldn't be a dash replacement, the VIN is riveted to the actual truck, it's just behind the dash. Maybe the truck had an accident and the cab was replaced. Double check that you read the VIN right?
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    Roof Rack Delete Plates

    PO took them off my Tahoe. The holes don't go all the way thru, they have nutserts. He put sillycone in them anyways. I wanted to get black caps with stainless bolts, but couldn't really see em anyways. I liked it with no rack, makes it look cleaner....
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    Differences to 1999

    Same as 96-up. ECMs had subtle changes, but AFAIK that was it. Love crew cab short boxes!! I just got a long box that I’m gonna make a short box.
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    LS wiring harness

    Who has the best price/product for stand alone wiring harness? Don't really feel like pulling one from a junkyard, asshats will cut wires just to pull a alternator or starter. Seems to be there all around $500...
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    Exhaust help

    Gutting cats shouldn't effect gas mileage. At least it didn't on my Tahoe. Mine was interesting to say the least when i first got it. One cat was there but gutted, the other replaced with a straight pipe. I replaced whole thing with a Jegs offroad intermediate pipe, as they call it. All mandrel...
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    Any idea what this is clamped to my rear axle?

    those are axle plates. Maybe someone tried a homemade anti-wrap bar, but factory pieces not in factory location. Burb's n Tahoes, and the occasional CnC, along with 3500HDs, got a rear sway bar. But those are NOT sway bar mounts.
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    More pulling power from my K2500

    Look for a truck in a junkyard with 4.10s. They made 6 lug K2500 with them. Might be tough to find, but they will be bolt in. Went up to 95. After that 3.73s was the steepest for 1/2t light 3/4t. Guy was parting a truck, but didn't want to sell the axles....
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    More pulling power from my K2500

    swap to 4.10s. 3.42s in anything is a highway gear.
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    Transfer case delete?

    You can but why?
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    Fog lights for Diesel bumper

    I saw it last nite. Might order one, but trying to sell it so don’t want to put more money into for someone else.
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    Fog lights for Diesel bumper

    Got the lights today. They look decent, but they go under the bumper, aka 454SS style. I might cut holes in my valance, since it's torn in one corner and seen better days anyways....
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    (SOLVED -ish?) HELP! Lug nut thread pattern shenanigans

    Its a Dana 70. If a 14mm won't fit, try a bigger one. Being a dually it prolly uses bigger lugnuts...
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    Fog lights for Diesel bumper

    Good question lol. Pretty sure says bumper. But now that I’m thinking the only one that goes in the valance is the 454SS.
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    Fog lights for Diesel bumper

    Dunno how good they are, but I ordered a set of amazon. Comes with the bracket. says for 88-97 i think, dunno what the difference is for 98-99, but says won't fit my 96 Yukon or 98 Tahoe. Both were available with the lights. Doesn't come with the harness or plug tho. See how they are next week...
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    LED driving lights and radio static

    I have LEDs and don't have static. I had a Pioneer n now a Kenwood. Lights are Auxbeams.
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    Ideal Highway RPM's and Gearing For 37s

    My 2wd Tahoe has 3.42s in it, with roughly 28.5" tall tires it's great. I can cruise at 100mph without the tach bottoming out. If you have the torque, then 4.56s with the 37s might be ok..
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    Ideal Highway RPM's and Gearing For 37s

    4.88s. Don't forget the extra rolling mass of the bigger tires. Plus these trucks are bout as aerodynamic is a brick, so the extra gearing will help. I used to drive 5 hours one way running 2500RPMs in an old malibu I had with a million mile 400. Drove from NYS to Colorado with a 97 Vortec 454...
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    Replace front seats with rear?

    Tahoe is different. Burbs should be the same, but never had one so dunno...
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    Replace front seats with rear?

    Are you talking extended or crew cab? I'd be shocked if a crew cab wouldnt' work up front after changing mounts. I had 2 crews, and could have sworn one was a front bench. Exteded cab rear bench is too short.
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    Diff drop bracket

    Might as well get a lift kit. Don’t know if anyone will sell just the drop bracket, but will need something for the rest of the suspension.
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    What determines lift on a Solid Axle Swap?

    I don’t think 8” would be enough. But they are skinnier than the 40s on mine. 2nd pic is next to my old truck which is stock height with 285s.
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    What determines lift on a Solid Axle Swap?

    Thought you couldn't altar the suspension in NJ? I ran about 10-12" of lift with 40" boggers, on a 1 ton. 1 tons sit higher than a 1/2 ton, so with the 3" of lift with the brackets and whatever springs you use, it will be higher. When I first did my 89 it had 12" springs and towered over 40s. I...
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    It's a pain pulling engine, trans and t-case. It's not hard to pull just the motor, just remember to take the torque convertor bolts out.