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  1. Z71Hobbs

    Blue Center Dash Cubby 88-94 style

    Have a nice condition blue center cubby that goes where the two deck would go. No broken tabs, comes with the metal clips (that will shoot out at you from the dash if you’re not paying attention). I’m glad it hit my glasses! 25+ shipping. Send me a message with your zip if you’re interested!
  2. Z71Hobbs

    Leather Bench Seat

    I am in search of a clean and nice gray leather bench seat from the rear of a 95-96 extended cab truck. The leather should come off pretty easily as that is all I need. Let me know if you have one to sell.
  3. Z71Hobbs

    Lighted aux switch for sale

    Aux switch with an illuminated button. Comes with a pigtail. Highly recommend a relay with whatever you use this switch to control (just like any other switch). 75+ shipping.
  4. Z71Hobbs

    Dual display compass and temperature rearview mirrors

    Dual display compass and temperature rearview mirrors with autodim. Uses the same windshield wedge mount as all gmt400 trucks. Requires minimal wiring-if you can install a CD player you can install this. Includes pigtail, temp sensor, mirror, and a wire cover for windshield. Two choices for...
  5. Z71Hobbs

    Audio controls

    Anyone looking to add steering wheel audio controls? I have a few sets that are black buttons in nice condition. Comes with clockspring, controls, and the steering wheel trim piece. Requires a small airbag wheel, and your ability to do some wiring. Can work with oem or aftermarket radios...
  6. Z71Hobbs

    88-94 fuse covers, esky console cup holder, 88-94 gray dash cupholder, 88-94 blue dash cubby

    Cleaning out some more areas of the garage lol. 88-94 fuse covers. Tabs present. One dark gray and one maroon. Each is 25 shipped to lower 48 with first class shipping 88-94 regular gray (not dark) dash pull out cupholder. Comes with the screws needed. 35 plus shipping esky / denali center...
  7. Z71Hobbs

    2 Door Tahoe Clear Glass Set

    I have a set of used 2 Door Tahoe clear quarter glass, and a rear hatch that has the clear glass with defog and wiper. Send me a pm if interested and we can work out something. Shipping will be around 300-500 bucks via LTL freight by my guess. Comes well packed (my standards) in a sturdy box.
  8. Z71Hobbs

    2 Door Tahoe / Yukon Clear Quarter Glass and Rear Hatch

    I picked up some clear glass recently, and spent a bunch of time cleaning it up and now they are ready for someone who needs them. This clear glass is really hard to find as it was in the 95+ in w/t models predominantly. I’m located near St Louis Missouri and would prefer it to be a pickup...
  9. Z71Hobbs

    Z71 Tahoe / Tahoe Limited Fog lights, harness, switch

    Z71 Tahoe / Tahoe limited fog lights, harness, and switch. Lights are in pretty good shape..some light surface markings-should come out with a wet sand/polish 180+ shipping PayPal I ship quick and pack well
  10. Z71Hobbs

    Escalade/Denali Center Console Rear Cupholder

    I’m really good shape, would need a dye job for perfect. 45+ shipping Comes fully insured and packed well PayPal
  11. Z71Hobbs

    Blue and Gray Ovethead consoles

    Scored a couple really overnice consoles. Blue one, 35+shipping Gray one with homelink, 55+shipping Comes well packed and insured. PayPal Thanks! Hobbs
  12. Z71Hobbs

    Cab light harnesses

    i found another box in the garage...this is getting comical. Cab light harnesses. 30 plus shipping. Paypal and I ship quick!
  13. Z71Hobbs

    88-94 Dash Cupholders

    I picked up a couple of the 88-94 dash pull out cupholders. They are all cleaned up and ready to go. Each one is 30 plus shipping.
  14. Z71Hobbs

    100 MPH Certified and 130 MPH Certified Clusters

    I am creating this thread to put some information out there and for others to chime in. I have collected the two certified clusters that gm produced in the 95+ interior configuration. THESE ARE NOT FOR SALE. I purchased the 130 MPH cluster a few months back from a Facebook member. This one...
  15. Z71Hobbs

    Underhood reel lights

    i have four underhood reel lights that I’ve picked up along the way. They come cleaned up, with hardware, tested, and with either a harness or a pigtail. They all also have the missing magnet on the back of the light pod. Three of the lights are the 88-95 style that mount to the fender, and...
  16. Z71Hobbs

    Gray dash fuse cover 88-94 style.

    Finally found one that has the tabs in tact! 25 shipped to lower 48.
  17. Z71Hobbs

    Blue overhead console with homelink.

    Blue overhead console with homelink in great shape! Cd holder elastic is also in good shape and no stretched. 55+ shipping. It’s all boxed and ready to go!
  18. Z71Hobbs

    Blue overhead Console

    Came across a really clean blue overhead console. Only defect I can find is that the cd strap is stretched out. 40 plus shipping. I tend to ship quickly and I accept PayPal. Send me a pm if interested.
  19. Z71Hobbs

    Quad Headlight brackets

    Clearing our more of my stash. 2 sets of headlight brackets from the early trucks that used 4 sealed beam lights. 45+ shipping per set to lower forty eight. Thanks! Hobson H. Fizette
  20. Z71Hobbs

    Quad Lamp Brackets

    i have a set of Quad Lamp brackets in good shape for sale. Trim rings cold use a coat of paint. Comes with the pigtails. 40 plus shipping. I accept PayPal and ship quickly.
  21. Z71Hobbs

    1988-1994 Underhood Reel Lights

    88-94 underhood reel lights, with an unbroken retainer tab! Tested and ready to go, comes with the harness and the mounting screws. Mounts between battery and air intake ducting. Numbers 1 and 2 still have the original magnet attached to the light pod (unusual) $25 plus the ride. I accept...
  22. Z71Hobbs

    Truck Red overhead console with a driver information center

    Truck Red overhead console with a driver information center. Reads mileage, instant economy, temp, compass, etc. Comes with a temp sensor and the console mounting hardware. 55+ shipping. I take PayPal and ship quick.
  23. Z71Hobbs

    96+ HVAC controller, with defog and good tabs

    Used hvac controller for 1996 and newer. Comes tested and even replaced the bulbs! The side tabs are even intact!! 40 plus shipping. I take PayPal and ship quickly!
  24. Z71Hobbs

    Underhood reel lights

    Went through another box of my stash and found some reel lights. All tabs are intact as is the clip that holds the pod (usually busted). All are tested and in good working order, I include the good light bulb. Two are the 88-94 style that mount on the side fender and connect to the firewall...
  25. Z71Hobbs

    Cab light harnesses

    So I went through my stash again and I have two oem cab light harnesses. One with a plug and one cut. The cut one should have plenty to get you to the headlamp switch. Makes install sooo much easier and cleaner/safer! 35 for the uncut harness 30 for the cut harness I take PayPal and ship...