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  1. 98 Nitro

    DashCommand and PID not displaying CMP Offset retard

    Try using the old cap/new rotor or new cap/old rotor, sometimes the new parts are junk. 2.5 off is not going to cause a problem, cmp doesn't even set a code until it is 14 off.
  2. 98 Nitro

    Tight/Binding Steering Issue

    Look at AC Delco and Delphi products reviews on Amazon. Alot of the recent reviews will give bad reviews and say it was made in China so I am not so sure they are quality anymore. Now the GM Genuine/ AC Delco OEM line which is mostly made in Mexico seems to be ok but those parts are disappearing...
  3. 98 Nitro

    DashCommand and PID not displaying CMP Offset retard

    No nothing else, try double checking your settings.
  4. 98 Nitro

    DashCommand and PID not displaying CMP Offset retard

    Try adding it again, mine works fine.
  5. 98 Nitro

    1996 Climate Control Bulbs

    I used Philips 74 LongerLife two years ago in my daily driver still working great.
  6. 98 Nitro

    Tight/Binding Steering Issue

    Great warranty, so I looked up the gear and pump and the country of origin was China so I think Bluetop/RedHead rebuilds is still the best bet.
  7. 98 Nitro

    Vortec head rebuild

    Flow numbers for new vortec heads sold by Pace. The stock Vortec 305 heads flow at least as good. If your stock 99 ones check out good use them, otherwise go aftermarket Vortec.
  8. 98 Nitro

    Looking for Peanut small roller cam(s)

    Chevrolet Performance #12041264 191/196 @.050 .414/.428 111LSA This cam was used in full size trucks and Caprice/Impala SS so obviously it is a low torque cam, even used in 305s and mini LT1s. You can probably get new take offs from ebay or buy it from Jegs/Summit.
  9. 98 Nitro

    Intake manifold question

    The best one is the Edelbrock one used with their mpfi conversion but that one is very rare. Best bet is get a used regular Edelbrock one and have it bored out to match the stock one.
  10. 98 Nitro

    Blend door actuator

    I have a 98 and a 94 both had a popping sound, the recirculating one goes bad in these alot. I replaced the 98 it was easy enough but the 94 is a pain.
  11. 98 Nitro

    Looking for Peanut small roller cam(s)

    Why not just put the Vortec roller cam in? Much more common to find and runs in the same rpm range but more torque than the Caprice one for sure.
  12. 98 Nitro

    Acdelco 38103 Belt Tensioner

    Was the 89017309 any better?
  13. 98 Nitro

    Alternator question.....

    Same here on my 98's cluster when the headlights come on, the important thing is the multimeter shows battery and alternator are good.
  14. 98 Nitro

    A/C compressor turns on and off?

    Usually if it kicks on and off like that it is overcharged.
  15. 98 Nitro

    Serpentine belt problem

    X2 on a pebble stuck somewhere. I once had a terrible noise coming from what I thought was a belt but after looking at it for a while it was the tensioner pulley .
  16. 98 Nitro

    Upgrade steering parts

    Anyone try this one yet?
  17. 98 Nitro

    '94 350: good cold starts, struggles to crank when restarting or still warm

    When my 94 started up cold but not so much when warmed up it was a failing fuel pump. Also can be cts. BTW when the pump was giving out it ran good, until I tried towing my bass boat.
  18. 98 Nitro

    New Exhaust

    So what did you do? I just ran over a puddle and now my exhaust is very loud and a cat bank 2 code is on, I think the cat is shot and was looking at the Bosal/Walker systems but maybe just a hi flow cat would suffice.
  19. 98 Nitro

    HELP! 4l60e is being a Dick Weed!

    I am also going for a change filter/fluid and maybe add some Lucas as my 60E seems to be acting up a little, no noise or any major problems but it is shifting a little soft. Anyway if it does go out could I not just put a th400 in with an ECM from a manual transmission truck?
  20. 98 Nitro

    Best radiator for the $$$

    I bought the same part # from Amazon as @east302 , it was made in Mexico and is thinner than the stock one, basically it is the non AC equipped radiator. Luckily I found a NOS 96 US made one on ebay for my 98 and just used adapters for the transmission lines to bolt in and returned the new one...
  21. 98 Nitro

    SOLVED: 98 K1500 5.7L Vortec random misfire P0300 P030x

    X2 on Dash Command for setting the distributor.
  22. 98 Nitro

    Ethanol vs Non-Ethanol Gas

    Yep, that is why I use it in my bass boat , or depending on what lake I go to I can sometimes find E0. Now E85 is really just acheap racing gas I would not use in anything that does not need super hi octane.
  23. 98 Nitro

    TBI Heads

    I agree, but just want to counter the arguments you read about Tbi heads having better torque in low rpm daily driving. Vortec trucks had 330 tq @2800 rpms and Tbi trucks [email protected]
  24. 98 Nitro

    Engine and trans swap from 94 to ???

    93 and 94 use the same transmission so both years are good to look for.