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    Steering wheel

    So one of my 95's steering wheel is going to hell. It is a non airbag wheel. Is there a difference between the non air bag and air bag wheels? I don't know how much searching I'm going to have to do to find one yet but I have a feeling that I might be hard pressed to find a non airbag wheel.
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    ECM for 95 6.5

    I am needing a ECM for a 1995 k2500 with the 6.5 Gm service number 16212488 BCC Code BPAA
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    88 1 ton wiring vs 88 1/2, 3/4 ton

    So I'm trying to help a buddys stepdad with his 88 chevy 1 ton. The 1 tons where still square bodys. How much difference is there in the wiring for the engine. He is blowing one of the fuses for the ECM. I don't know which one at this time. He just put another engine in it drove it roughly...
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    HVAC box removal

    I need to replace the doors in my HVAC box. I know you are supposed to remove the dash before you remove the HVAC box. My problem is my dash is cracked badly and I cannot find a good replacement in my area. If afraid that when I start moving it around it will be in several pieces by the time...
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    Blower Motor

    Ive done a bit of searching but cannot find a answer to my question. The blower motor in my 95 2500 is acting up. It runs on all speeds but it seems to slow down for a while and then speed up and slow down again. It is like it gets hot and slows down cools off a litte and spees up again. Im...
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    abs module

    So i was driving my 95 with the 6.5 today. As soon as i let of the throttle to stop I'm pretty sure that I heard the abs module cycle with out pressing the brake pedal. When I did go to hit the petal it was hard as a brick for about 1/4 inch down then went to its normal pressure. If the module...
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    Mo's build

    So I've had my 95 K2500 ECLB for about 8 months now. I figured I would start a build thread on it. Its not pretty right now but I think in time I will get it there. A little about it. I am the second owner. The gentleman that had it before me was in his 80's and bought a new truck. Truck...
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    Clutch petal.

    Will the clutch/brake petal assembly out of a 95 work in a 98? Ive searched but it seems like posts say that the 88-94 are the same and the 95+ are the same. then others say 88-95 then 96+.
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    Transmission cooler line size

    Ive tried searching for the line size coming from the trans to the cooler on a 95 2500 4l80e. Is it 5/16t or 3/8 line. Im starting a list of parts and am thinking about installing a trans temp sensor and do not want to tap into the pan.
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    6.5 pros and cons

    Im looking to get a 95 K2500 ECLB with 6.5. I havent seen the truck yet so i don't know very many details on it yet. It has 144k on it. I do not know if it is a auto or manual. What are the pros and cons of this engine? The only diesels Ive had in the past are cummings. I don't really...
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    High idle and miss fire with scanner.

    So my 95 2500 5.7 wouldn't start this morning. It wouid crank but not fire. It acted like i wasn't getting any fuel. When i got off work I tried it again it cranked longer normal but finally fired up. I didn't have SES light but hooked up my scanner just to look at things. After it had...
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    ECT sensor

    Im having some cold starting issues with my 95 2500 5.7. When the ambient temp is low roughly 20 f or lower it has to run for roughly 3-5 minutes before it will go into high idle. Every other EFI engine Ive had when you start it when its cold it will idle around 1200ish rpm. This one runs...
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    Brake upgrade question

    So im to the point im debating on retireing my 95 k2500. I don't think the engine has another year left in it and it needs other work to fix other various things. Ive found another 95 with 116k on it but is a K1500 and needs brake work done. I have read the post on brake upgrades and it says go...
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    OBD1 Scanner

    So Ive been looking around for a scanner for my 95. I have one that will show some live data for OBD2 but not OBD1. Im not looking to spend thousands of dollars on one. Every time I try to search for one all i seem to get is code readers or OBD2 scanners which I do not need. I can use the...
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    Block Heater

    So i searched and did't find what I was looking for. My 95 has a factory block heater that i have never used and by looking at the plug it looks like it has never been used. Ive never really paid much attention on 2 other trucks that had them but when plugged in this one sounds like it...
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    Im looking to see if there is any way i can free up some room in the cab of my 95 standard cab. What I looking for is a bit more room between me and the steering wheel. I would like to be able to recline the seat more but to do that I have to move the seat up. When i move the seat up my knees...
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    3 wire o2 sensor

    I have been reading about upgrading to a 3 wire o2 sensor. I do have a few questions. First off what are the benifits of doing this. Ive read mixed reviews on them. 2nd how do you wire them up. Is it just a power ground and signal? I have plugs and pins at work to make a plug for it so...
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    Knock senor. How it works

    I have been reading the thread about knock counts and was wondering how the sensor actually works. I looked at a wiring diagram and it looks like it gets a 5 volt reference from the ecm and then it grounds through the sensor to the block. How does it know when knock is happening? Is it when...
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    Rear shocks

    Im needing to replace the shocks on my k2500. It is the 8600 GVW. When i am looking at shocks I see different ones for the the 2 GVW's for the the front but not the rear. Is there a difference between the 2 GVW in the rear? When i asked at the parts stores about it all I get from them is...
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    Lack of power from a start

    Ive been noticing here lately after i drive for 30-40 minutes and come to a stop and start out again my truck acts like im trying to start out in 4th gear. I dont normally use 1st gear when starting out from a stop unless im on a steep incline. I usually start in 2nd gear. Since 1st is pretty...
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    Torsion Bar crank

    I am tossing around the idea of cranking the bars in my 95 so that is rides level or at least to possibly fit 33's. My question is how do you guys figure how far you have cranked? You you measure the clearance from the frame to the ground before and you crank or do you eyeball it for level...
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    Steareng Column

    A buddy of mine is looking a buying a 96 k2500 with a 6.5. It needs a steering column and ignition switch. His question to me was is there a difference between the gas and diesel columns in the electrical components. The owner of the truck said he said he priced one at a junkyard for 75 bucks...
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    A/C accumulator question

    So the seal on my compressor decided to blow it guts out on my 95 2500. Any tips on getting the accumulator nuts loose? I cannot get them to break loose. All i have managed to do is bend the line coming out from the evaporator. I do need to replace the lines that bolt to the comp due to one...
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    rear brakes

    Im getting ready to replace the shoes again on my truck. Looking on rock auto there are 3 different sizes of shoes for it. Its a 95 k2500 with a 8 lug semi-float 14 bolt. Does anyone know the size of the shoes on the 8 lug sf? The sizes they list are 11-5/32, 13 inch and 11.16x2.75. I...
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    Door bent

    The drivers side door on my truck is bent out towards the top pretty much around where the window track is. I think it was caused by years of having bad door bushings a PO's not replacing them. It is bent bad enough I can almost stick my finger though from the inside with the door shut In the...