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    Computer dead or sensor(s) problem

    I have a 98 k2500 with the 5.7. Two weeks ago the truck started running bad. First noticed it would shut down for a split second, mostly during light throttle. I would describe it more like it skipping a beat. And the idle was rough. It happened while towing my camper through a state forest in...
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    PCM problem, or something else

    Thanks, that seems to have fixed it. Wonder why that seemed to throw the PCM for a loop that only resetting would get it out of.
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    PCM problem, or something else

    Hi. I have a 98 K2500 with the 5.7. I pull a travel trailer around the country. Recently the truck started running lean above 3500. First noticed it on a long steady pull up and over a pass. Pedal was floored, in second at around 4K. After the hill, I exited the highway, downhill and it...