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    NV3500 Help

    So in doing my build I haven’t really had a chance to drive the truck much since purchase. When I have driven it (cammed 5.7 Vortec and carb) I’ve had grinding issues with downshifting to either 1st or 2nd. Shifting thru the gears is fine and no matter how many times I pump them it will still...
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    5/7 Drop with 245/45r20’s

    I’ve got a 95 that I’m building. Currently has cut stock springs for a 2” drop with flip kit and .5” lift shackle (also have 1-2” Drop shackles). I just picked up some DJM Upper and 3” Drop Lower control arms. I’m going to run 20x8 4.5 backspace on the front and 22x11 with 6.71 backspace on the...
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    What wheels to use

    Need some help on the below choices for my 95. Currently it’s 2/4 drop with springs / flip kit and lift shackle. I was planning 20x8 and 22x11 but I’m debating two other options. My only worry is will either work and how will they “sit” on the truck torq ****** 15” 15x8 245/60 15x10 295/50 but...