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    Suburban 454 / 7.4 Exhaust Options in 2015

    I did, it's somewhere in my dually thread. Link in sig. I think I did that fall of 2018?
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    Show off your valve covers and engine bays

    I know, right? They all came out of the woodwork.
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    1993 k3500 with 350 tbi, issues starting in cold weather (below 35 degrees)

    My 88 was always a bit cold blooded once it got down in the teens. I'd have to give it some throttle to start it and keep it running for the first 5-10 seconds. After that it wouldn't stall, but was a bit cold blooded for the first minute or so. Yours sounds worse, but don't be surprised if it's...
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    Dually delete on 1996 K3500 ambulance?

    Ahh, didn't realize they'd fit up front too. That's a mean looking Ferd.
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    4l60e working great, came to stop sign, lost all forward gears.

    There's no such thing as a good 4L60 for any price! Says the guy with a 5.3/4L60 in his stable. :Big Laugh:
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    Dually delete on 1996 K3500 ambulance?

    Does he want super singles out back or the ability to rotate tires?
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    Dually delete on 1996 K3500 ambulance?

    Dually delete is easy, just get regular wheels. . . The axle is a different width than SRW, I forget which is wider. Can you test fit a junkyard wheel to partially answer your own question?
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    Bowtie Brody's Namesake 96 454

    Wow. That Acadia must REALLY be a pile! :Big Laugh:
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    Bought a CC Dually 454 Whipple

    I'd do it again, I just didn't have the time or vehicular redundancy being 1100 miles from home.
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    Winter Grille Cover

    For? From what I understand, the test port is for measuring pressures and by placing the sensor there you get more of a case temp. Good enough though, if the case isn't 220 then I figure neither is the fluid.
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    Hydro Boost Rebuild

    And now a shameless plug on my dually thread. Cliff's notes: the shaft seal and housing seal can be quickly and easily replaced by splitting the housing still on the firewall. . . if you don't fvkc it up...
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    Winter Grille Cover

    A pillar mounted gauge with a sensor in the test port.
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    Bought a CC Dually 454 Whipple

    The figure 8 seals the housing up. I thought it was strange to find so much junk that came out of the booster, I'd just done a power steering system purge last year but thinking back I only pushed fresh fluid through the box and not the booster. It went right back together as easily as it...
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    Bought a CC Dually 454 Whipple

    Sweet. In my typical ADHD fashion, I got distracted with other crap in the meantime. Like this seemingly benign power steering leak. Rather than overpay for a reman booster, I overpaid for a $25 seal kit to only use 2 seals from it. I decided to leave the booster in the truck and try to...
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    Dad's 48 Ford F1 panel

    Way to purge!