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    Worn out planetary gear

    Hi I am taking a crack at rebuilding the 4l60 on my 92 C1500. I have completely disassembled it and was wondering what could have caused the planetary gear to wear like this. Is it normal?
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    Help Identifying Seats

    Does anyone recognize these seats? Seller says he doesn't know where they were pulled from. Might not even be gmt400 not sure. Thanks
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    Help Identifying loose plug under dash

    Yep hazards aren't working as well as other things like the gauge cluster back lights. Thanks for the help.
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    Help Identifying loose plug under dash

    I bought a 92 C1500 and I was fixing small issues around the truck and was under the dash when I found these brown and orange wires disconnected, and I can’t figure out what they are for or where they need to be connected to. I would appreciate some help.