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    How to deal with previous tune

    The stock PCM is still there, you can see it in the background of the picture on top. The connector that's on the Hypertech module looks very similar to the ones on the factory '96+ PCMs. At first glance I thought maybe one of the factory PCM connectors was just relocated to the Hypertech, but...
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    Strange Voltage Drop/Fluctuation

    I never actually measured it, but it was enough that I could see it in the interior lighting. Just slightly, it wasn't a severe strobe effect or anything. Just a slight pulse in the lights at idle. If I were running LEDs instead of standard incandescent bulbs I probably would have never seen it.
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    The build of "Wh4t3v3rs"

    Glad to hear it. Wishing him a fast and full recovery.
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    The build of "Wh4t3v3rs"

    Oh no! Is the driver OK?
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    Censored words needing unblocked

    So you're saying maybe I wasn't crazy when I thought odometer numbers got censored a few pages back? :lol: Thanks for posting, makes me feel better about my mental state.
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    Toy trucks for sale

    I'm going to have to look through my old childhood HotWheels one of these days. I know I have one of the green C3500s loose in a case somewhere but I don't remember which variation of the stripe it has. I'm thinking it may be the narrow one like your picture. Are they quite a bit more rare...
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    Which Pads?

    That's awesome! All the more reason to run the Raybestos EHT369H. Being HH code now, they're more aggressive than any other pad I'm aware of for these trucks by a pretty wide margin.
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    1997 vortec 5.7 start up

    My '97 K1500 Suburban with the 5.7L has a slight tapping/clicking sound on the first start of a cold day (below 40 degrees or so) that goes away within a minute or two of starting the engine. It's done this for several years now. My mechanic suggested an engine cleaner (from BG IIRC) that you...
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    Strange Fuel Gauge Behavior, '97 C1500

    Mine has been working fine since I made this thread... Knock on wood...
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    Best aftermarket Door speakers

    Good advice for sure. The car audio shop I used to deal with had some less than stellar practices, which I'm sure is part of the reason they're not around any longer.
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    Best aftermarket Door speakers

    IIRC they're in the doors, but I had a shop install the front ones so I'm not exactly sure on the placement.
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    97 Chevy K3500 7.4L EGR Valve Code P1406

    I'm not sure I would trust Summit when it comes to accurate listings. There was another thread recently where it was discovered that their product description on some EBC brake pads was advertising a GG friction code when the pads in question were actually EE code. When I'm searching for OEM...
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    Does anyone know what this is for? Resistor Rectifier?

    ^ X2. DRL diode/resistor.
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    97 Chevy K3500 7.4L EGR Valve Code P1406

    Where are you looking for part numbers? According to Wholesale GM Parts Online there's only one for your application, part number 19240984. That's...
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    Oil leak and....

    I'm no help but welcome back! Glad to see you post something, hadn't seen you in a while.