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    1988 5.7 hardly drives after CL122494 comp cams install

    Yup all vehicle fluids are flammable I think, unless you use straight water for the coolant.
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    Sluggish and now much low end torque.

    Fuel filter before or after seafoam? If after, it could possibly be clogged again with gunk the seafoam loosened up, not likely but possible. I've herd of people switching to E85 and it cleans the system n clogs stuff up.
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    1988 5.7 hardly drives after CL122494 comp cams install

    There are obviously a lot of things that could of went wrong, some even unrelated to the cam swap, for example the trans maybe overheated. Did you check the fluid level, hook up the trans lines or damaged them? Did you forget to hook up the TV cable? Or change brackets, replace the cable mess...
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    1988 5.7 hardly drives after CL122494 comp cams install

    Ok first a posting tip, break it up some so it's easier for people to read/skim thru it. For example.... "Hello everyone im new here so please forgive me for any rules I break or mistakes I make. Im so glad I found this sight because I am at an absolute loss right now. I want to turn my daily...
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    $30 Wet / Dry Vac

    Looks like the Merchants with the cheaper ones sold out, idk how many there was But I know that there was several. Also I did share the Deal other places. Maybe they will get more???
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    $30 Wet / Dry Vac

    Found a decent Deal on ebay, a little RIDGID shop vac. I made a quick unboxing video but if you don't wanna watch it just search ebay.
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    Tires for Lowered and 17's

    I actually ended up canceling that order back then for the MOTO 20's, one place had 3 and the other place I ordered a single from canceled on me. Prob listing the same inventory a lot of places do that these days. I really wanted 17's anyway. So I've been watching and looking for a cheap set...
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    Oil galley plugs

    I've always herd to make sure that you don't tap the front plugs too deep or you can block off oil flow.
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    Learned something new...

    My old farm truck 89 Silverado that I bought off a 600lb lady in a trailer park with a few kids and a skinny crackhead boyfriend had one. Wish I saved it when I Cash for Clunkers that truck. Got $4500 off my 09 WT and paid $900 for it, put 70k on that old farm truck all over the state. Had a...
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    1.6 roller rockers with stock cam?

    Think they make 1.6 SA stamped rockers but I'd also do a LS beehive spring swap. Higher ratio increases the intensity or demand on the springs plus they are old but that's not just why I'd go to beehives. The beehives have a lighter retainer/top-mass and even tho vortec engines went to a...
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    Mini Overhaul?

    The rabbit hole can go Deep! That being said, not sure if there is a single Large kit. I know there are kits that may have many of the gaskets you need cheaper than buying them all separate. The rear main seal type & installation procedure could lead to it's own debate maybe. You'll prob end...
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    Donor truck

    LOL got a few parts truck I need to get rid of myself! Don't forget to scrap the cat if it's still on there.
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    Show off your valve covers and engine bays

    I sold my 86 C4 center bolt covers for $50 on the corvette forum LOL Prob should of sold them on ebay.
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    Show off your valve covers and engine bays

    Not sure I plan to delete AC(not even have a delete idler pulley) and use the vortec style alt bracket, my truck was TBI
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    Show off your valve covers and engine bays

    Gonna be awhile before I use em but picked up a set of these for my project truck BUCK

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