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    98 GMC Crew Cab Dually

    Replacement fenders being worked on.
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    The 'BurbBarian' build thread.

    6L90. Motor and trans were pulled out of an ambulance.
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    The build of "Wh4t3v3rs"

    Probably help to state the size. I will note that they aren't chromed which means they're great candidates for powdercoating.
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    Suburban down.

    Says the guy with the coolest floor shifter I've ever seen......:gr_grin:
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    Small woofer

    +1 on Crutchfield being helpful. All around great place to buy from.
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    Another newbie!

    What gauge wire are you using?
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    Another newbie!

    I have mine wired through a key-on hot master switch and pressure switch on the ground side. Key on/switch on the compressors run once tank pressure drops below 145 psi and stop once it hits 175.
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    Another newbie!

    I'd get rid of the 450's and go with a pair of 444's, 480's or 485's. Higher working pressure, higher pressure at 100% duty cycle, and lower amperage. Here's a link to Viair's comparison chart.
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    Another newbie!

    Yes sir.
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    Another newbie!

    Also, you asked about compressors, what are you running now? I have 2 5 gallon tanks and 2 Viair 444's. Fill time is quick from 145-175 and they have 100% duty cycle up to 200 psi, I don't think you will need 4.
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    Another newbie!

    Did you go with the 3/4 ton arms?
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    Greeting from socal

    I miss socal. Welcome!
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    bagged and Body dropped 1991 C1500

    Wait, what? Say it ain't so....
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    Obs vs nbs hangers

    Efff hangers. Flip kit and be done. Hangers are a bìtch. Belltech shows different part numbers.
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    2” primary tube headers on k3500