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  1. Chris979
    Looking for a lowering kit a phantom grille and a cowl hood. Willing to pay cash or trade/barter
  2. Cloud3500
    Cloud3500 Lextech
    Hello lextech . I have a 96 c1500 suburban vortec 5.7 and I need the spreadsheet for the black box to the 0411. My email is [email protected]
    1. Cloud3500
      And it's 4l60e also thank you sir
      Feb 28, 2021 at 1:40 AM
  3. 92_Bahama
    92_Bahama run96k3500
    Interested in your Whipple for the L29, 248-672-0522
  4. Ed Hardy
  5. Scott b
    Scott b Lextech
    Hello i got the spread sheet and 0411 pcm from you about 8yrs ago. I had to have the tranny rebuilt the shop is saying they need to do the jumper upgrade for burning clutches or something like that that is required on the 1996 model . With your spreadsheet diagram do i need to worry about this? shop is very confused about the pcm and wiring.
  6. Brenan Smith
    Brenan Smith
    In need of 97 6.5 diesel engine wiring schematic/firewall plugs cant get answers anywhere help!!
  7. WebTanitimTR
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  9. WebTanitimTR
  10. WebTanitimTR