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  1. Manogue
    Manogue Awest623
    Yeah I’m. Waiting on a reply for my 98
  2. DavidRempel12
    DavidRempel12 Lextech
    I have a 96 gmc 1500 5.7 and was wondering if you had the pinout for a 411 swap

    My email is [email protected]

    Thanks David
  3. ArtMaybee
    ArtMaybee Lextech
    I have a 97 GMC RCSB 2wd, and have been researching a 5.3 swap. Everywhere I look people say to come here and ask nicely for a pinout spreadsheet for this swap. Is posting here the proper format? I see a lot of these posts.
    My email is [email protected]

    Thanks in advance.
  4. Steven Reeves
    Steven Reeves
    Love My 95 Silverado
  5. frito-bandito
    Having GMT400 Withdrawals
  6. matthew j belyea
    matthew j belyea
    Newly Acquired K3500 - BBC.
  7. RedneckChris95
    Working on my 98 k1500 and im trying to figure my power windows out i cant seem to hav
  8. Jw98Vortec
  9. Jw98Vortec
    Jw98Vortec Supercharged111
    I’m really interested in this Astro setup for my front brakes on 98 Z-71. I really want dual piston calipers and bigger brakes up front. Is there any confirmation this for sure works cause I’m going to the junk yard tomorrow. Just wondering if all I need is hub/knuckle assembly, calipers and rotors??? Is that all I need for this swap???
  10. 97 bowtie
    97 bowtie
    Waiting on the time to swap in the 5.3 .....