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  1. Dustin Bartolf
    Dustin Bartolf
    Ok who's done a Carburated LS Swap in there Silverado
  2. Frank Compagnon
  3. Miguel Avila
    Miguel Avila Lextech
    hello, I am in the process of changing black box for a 0411 for my 97 C1500 can you help me with the pinout, my email is [email protected], thanks
  4. JWS6196
    I also have a 1992 C2500 longbed with a clean title and a great rust free body for sale.
  5. JWS6196
    I have a 1989 C1500 Cheyenne longbed.
  6. Jmayrhofer
    Selling a 2000 k2500 7.4 454 83k crew cab short bed
  7. firestoness
    firestoness Lextech
    jeff, I reqeusted a pinout in february and Pm'd you.
  8. Bowtieman283
    Bowtieman283 Lextech
    hello, im interested in the 0411 pinout for a 96 chevy 4wd with the 5 plug ecm. thanks [email protected]
  9. Gary Burbank
    Gary Burbank
    1996 chevy Z71
  10. Steve Cunningham
    Steve Cunningham Matt Conner
    Nice looking truck you have there Matt. I drive in the country all the time, I just drive up the mountain less than half a mile from my house and then I'm in the Green Belt that runs all the way to Niagara Falls for about 40 miles. Lots of 50mph roads so I can hit the go pedal. I would love to see some pictures of your truck inside and out and thanks for your comments about my truck.
    1. Matt Conner
      Matt Conner
      Thank you Steve, I’ve been working on her for almost a year now and I’m getting around to what I want her to look like, here in rural Virginia, there’s plenty of dirt roads to spin up, and it’s most definitely fun, it’s like 30 miles to town on a 55mph road so it’s fun to wind her up every once in awhile, I’ll get around to snapping some more pics of her,
      Oct 11, 2019