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  1. Kyten
    I gotta 94 x-cab long bed i put the four bolt main in it my self ive had it since highschool. Jsut here for knowledge where i can! Thanks !!
  2. Charles Goulet
    Charles Goulet
    My Entire drivetrain is new. I just need the new NP241C transfer case to complete
  3. Fez_Jet_Az
    97 Suburban LT 4x4, 454, 4L80E
  4. Chevy blood
    Chevy blood
    Fighting off evil mechanical gremlins with wrench nunchucks
  5. JoeM
    JoeM Knuckle Dragger
    Surpised to see you here. This is SpeedAddict02 from NastyZ28.. How've you been?
  6. Codysmith
    Codysmith Lextech
    new to the page. I have a 96 rcsb 4.3 vortec im removing and swapping out with 6.0/4l80e from 2004 3500 work van.wondering if anyone has a pin out for my truck or van. Also wondering about a/c bracket and alternator bracket. if anyone can help my email is [email protected]
  7. Bluvalentine
    1992 C1500, 350, AR898's
  8. southsidesmoka
    Funding the purchase and install of a Jasper rebuilt Vortec 5700 in my '99 GMT400 Suburban LT...
  9. stratton
    stratton 88GMCtruck
    do you have any pic or pointers on when you added gmt800 squirters to your wiper arms ?
  10. CoonDog89
    CoonDog89 Lextech