TBI to carb conversion?

Discussion in 'LSX + Carb Swaps' started by LML Duramax 95 Z71, Jun 12, 2016.

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    Oct 16, 2016
    I thought it would work. But was worried about the the tach signal being in the right place. Then hooked up the scanner and it wouldn't read anything. Poked around and got it to try and connect but it would not read anything. Now I'm thinking the computer is bad or some wiring is bad.
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    I realize that you probably do not want to be talked out of going to a carb, but let me tell you about my recent truck experiences.

    I have a 98 5.7 Vortec, with the 'spider" injection. Runs well, gets reasonable mileage, starts easily, etc. etc.

    I just bought a very low mileage, all original, mint condition 69 GMC, with a 350 Cu In, Quadrajet engine. A bit harder to start. Sometimes doesn't want to keep running right after start up Reasonable power, really, really bad gas mileage. And this after a professional tune up, with new cap, rotor, points, condenser, plugs, etc. Dwell and timing set with proper equipment, and had the heads and valves done as well.

    Yes, the carb engine is easier to fix yourself, simple as hell, and very nostalgic. But, I often find myself wishing it had a good fuel injection and computer ignition system when I'm driving it, or when I'm buying gas for it.

    On the 67--72 forum, there's lots of guys who have swapped in Vortecs, and even LS engines, for more power and better mileage.
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    if you dont have power to the aldl then its likely not grounded which means the computer isnt grounded, so by slapping a carb on you made it harder for yourself to utilize the stock computer to control it, or wasted a bunch of money on a aftermarket controller

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