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Discussion in 'Stock Suspension + Bolt On Kits' started by PhilCP, Mar 18, 2017.

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    May 12, 2014
    Just redid the truck again, and while doing the cab mounts, I had to reuse the old hardware ( bought new bolts)

    There was a debate in the driveway and it's my understanding that this top cap/sleeve is one with the factory bushings, and in this case, they were so rotted away that they are no longer one.

    Would it be a decent idea to reuse this top cap/center sleeve in the new energy suspension bushings as pictured ?

    Thanks in advance.

    17361276_10154990266055450_545221807_n.jpg 17409955_10154990266025450_247897458_n.jpg
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    Mar 25, 2017
    Cottonwood Ca
    I dnt see it being an issue, however I would clean it up and make sure that it's just some surface rust and there isn't any sings of cracking. If all good i'd spray coat of paint on it an call it good. Some other ppl may say replace but just my opinion and what I'd do
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    May 13, 2014
    If you live in the rust belt, I strongly recommend using a Zinc-infused paint... aka Cold Galvanizing Paint.... there are a lot of options...

    I live in Massachusetts and they love to use Salt and Calcium Chloride without sand and anticorrosion stabilizers... the result is everything rots very fast... A "thought" Ive also had is to cold galvanize my stock GM bushing shells, then liberally coat the outer part and top plate of the shell with a zinc-infused anti-sieze, or something similar, ...as well as the bolt's head-to-about halfway with the same, and use thread locker on about 1" of the tip, being careful not to mix the two... PITA, but seems like a valid means to inhibit rot damage on something I intend to keep for many more years to come.
  4. barry_g

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    Oct 4, 2015
    the poly , you can throw the old iron right back in, I even cleaned up pitted and rust holes in the caps.
    the poly stops all chains that made the steel nasty.
    if you deem it working good, thrown it right back in.
    I also found all replacment bolts are thicker shanked, and the poly has a much better metal ring anyway.
    I went with class 12.

    those caps are basically to bottom out on.

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