Misfire after warm / hot restart??

Discussion in 'Engine Performance + Maintenance' started by SubWarrior, Jan 11, 2017.

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    1999 suburban 5.7 w/ 250k and an odd misfire problem. Starts up great and runs beautifully for 10, 20, 200 miles no problem. As soon as the motor is shut down and restarted the engine runs rough and misfires (typically cyl5). Scan tool reveals nothing remarkable on initial drive, but after restart fuel trim on bank 1 is 14 to 15% vs -2% on right bank.

    Codes are as follows po305 (cly 5 misfire), po430 (Cat below efficiency bank 2), po440 (evap system)

    At this point i'm thinking 02 sensor(s) or something electrical. Voltages on 02 sensors *seem* to be within normal limits. The rich fuel trim bank 1 w/ cat code on bank 2 is confusing me.

    Parts replaced in last 20k miles: Updated fuel spider, fuel pump and filter, plugs, wires, cap, rotor, coil and ignition module.

    Any ideas here? im kinda stumped and don't want to go crazy on replacing parts.

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