GMT400 vs newer MY2014 & Up

Discussion in 'Other Vehicle Builds' started by Kirth Gersen, Nov 12, 2017.

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    perhaps off-topic, this seemed to be the least-inappropriate subforum to post in, for now ...

    My 1994 K1500 Blazer w/ 250K miles is becoming harder to keep in good running order ... lots of smaller & medium issues need more attention, than I have time to deal with.
    Very disappointed w/ newer SUVs, they all seem to have fragile 8-10 speed transmissions, annoying auto stop-start, etc, just to eek out another 0.2 MPG. Ford doesnt even offer V8 anymore in the Expedition.

    Was considering a 4WD 2017 or 2018 crew cab 1500, but seems even the 1500 drive trains have been designed by fools. Many complaints of Active Fuel Management (AFM) catastrophic engine failures, transmission problems, etc. So I'm thinking of a 4WD 2500HD, even though I wont be towing heavy loads.

    Finally, my general questions:
    Is the MY2017and MY18 2500HD gas still using simpler "old school" drive train?
    The L96 engine seems to have generally good reviews for reliability, but is it using AFM, Direct Injection, auto start-stop, etc?
    Any particular issues with tranny, transfer cases, differentials, etc?

    I'm a retrogrouch & like to keep mechanical things simple. I think the classic small block was the most reliable engine ever made, bar none. That's where I'm coming from.
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    I hear ya.. hence the reason I'm doing a total frame off on my OBS rcsb... I have 6 of em now.. should have enough parts to last for quite sometime... I love your term..."Retrogrouch"... as I've always liked having something I'm not afraid of opening the hood.. instead of just checking the warranty papers....
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    Keep fixing the '94, eventually you'll run out of things to fix and it'll always be cheaper than a new vehicle. I suggest owning two vehicles, probability suggests both will not be down at the same time. Even when I had my Colorado fresh from the dealer it had to go in for warranty work quite a few times, more so than my '88 Town Car ever has. So, with that Colorado I had to make time just as I have for my used cars, only difference was at least I had a free car rental. Was still a giant PITA and inconvenience for me, not to mention the body damage done by the dealer, scratches they left under hood and busted trim pieces. It was hard watching my brand new truck turn into used fodder! Why I sold it, thought I'd own it forever.
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