Anyone running g-05 coolant in their 5.7?

Discussion in 'Engine Performance + Maintenance' started by tinfoil_hat, Jan 10, 2017.

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    It's time to do a water pump and hoses so i figured a coolant flush wouldn't hurt. I'm thinking about ditching the Dexcool and going to G-05. That's what I put in the wife's van after a flush and I have two extra gallons on hand. It's more expensive but it would be convenient to use just one product.

    I had what I am thinking was a Dexcool issue when I bought the truck last year. Mud in the reservoir, silted up coolant passages, etc. Being an idiot, I managed to crack my lower intake manifold when changing out the temp sensor. Might have been a blessing in disguise because the gaskets showed signs of deterioration when I pulled the LIM off. I just went ahead and put all new DEX and distilled water back in when I buttoned it up. I figure that's what it was designed to use, etc.

    Reading up on coolant formulations is enough to make a man's head spin. I'm just wondering if anyone has a specific reason to avoid G-05 or any reason to stick with Dex. I had read one account of a guy claiming his temps went up 20* on G-05 but who knows.
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    Not familiar with G-05 at all, but my trucks have both been running DexCool with no issues since they were new. As far as I know, the issues with the original formula eating gaskets has been fixed long ago. I've never had a problem because of it. As long as you're good about maintenance and changing it out every few years you'll be fine with Dex.

    I'm definitely in the "don't fix it if it ain't broke" camp here.

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