98 5.7 vortec crank no start

Discussion in 'Engine Performance + Maintenance' started by sabbath93, Dec 7, 2017 at 4:12 AM.

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    Dec 12, 2015
    leaving work this morning I started my truck and it did not run very well seemed like a misfire I revved the truck up a bit and it just died down and shut off then it would not start

    The cap and rotor have been replaced

    the truck is sending lots of fuel to the plugs wet as hell when i pulled some out

    spark was good but seemed like it may be weak one of the wires didnt have spark when we checked it
    (and then it did)

    truck cranks really well and sputters like it is going to fire up every once in awhile

    so obviously I know about the fuel pressure needing to be high 60psi or whatever the number is

    but I am wondering what might be causing a no start situation and if its spark related the cap rotor and coil Im guessing could be the issue (can a coil fail Intermitently)also rotor turns I took off that cap and looked and made sure

    or can it be an issue with the PCM needing a reset after stalling out and how would I go about that

    Also could it be a MAFS issue

    I am totally lost on this thing the temperature Kind of got low about -4C and it was a pretty damp night
    any input or thoughts on the issue would be helpful

    thanks guys
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    Cap and rotor are super common on a vortec. I'm even more suspicious of the cap with an intermittent spark. Try pulling the coil wire and crank the ignition. See if the pulses are rhythmic. If they are the the only answer is crossfiring in the cap.

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