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  1. Felony
    Felony J_lope82
    Hey man. Have a 97 C1500 ECSB myself. I am in the process of doing the same 4 inch lift on 32s. Do your rear wheels have the 2" spacers on them in the pics? Cause they look like the could still come out a little further. I am curious cause I want mine to be the same width front to rear. Also I had the steelies but got rid of them years back. Now I want to find some more since I have seen yours. Beautiful truck man.
    1. J_lope82
      Yes I think some pics are without the 2" spacers on the rear tires. I have other pics with the spacers on it. Those spacers got the rear track width real close to the front.
      May 29, 2017 at 5:06 PM
    2. Felony
      Awesome man. I was going to buy some American Racing Bajas, but after seeing the tires on the steelies, im sold. Did you have to get an alignment w the lift?
      May 29, 2017 at 8:45 PM
  2. JMiller
    The build is coming along nice I will update soon with pics and a video or two. Finally have it running and driving. Long way to go still.
  3. southernblood2
    91 silverado 2wd project
  4. deejaaa
    not sure why solenoid didn't work. have worked on the DB2 before and never had a problem. it's working so good i don't want to change it.
  5. deejaaa
    can you give me more info on them? what year Falcon did they come from... etc.....
  6. deejaaa
    haven't put in lights yet. need to make a harness or extend the wires. kind of confusing when i look at them cause they're so different.
  7. deejaaa
  8. deejaaa
    when i put in a main tank, it will siphon from the bottom into the main. will use this:
  9. deejaaa
    have to open the bleeder and pressurize the tank then shut off bleeder. kind of a pain cause it takes 2 people.
  10. deejaaa
    i have no main tank right now. it draws fuel from the top via the lift pump on the frame rail. i've run it empty twice. no gauge.