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  1. streetperf
    streetperf Lextech
    Lextech, I would like the wiring diagram also for a 0411 pcm. I have a 98 Silverado w/383, going to port injection. thanks [email protected] my email is [email protected]
    1. Lextech
      Hi Mike,
      I supply the 0411 swap info free to the DIYer. I do not supply free wiring info to businesses---Sorry.
      Jan 24, 2017 at 7:07 PM
  2. olered98
    Starting to tinker again...lookin for info to fill the thinker
  3. tnthuber
    Please HELP!!! 1995 chevy k1500 power door locks not working. Power, Ground to the new switches and continuity from actuator to actuator
  4. Glennsanity
    98 K1500 Z71 "Brandi"
  5. shovelbill
    this in't a dress rehearsal....
  6. Tatiana Vita
    Tatiana Vita jaydee
    Do you still have those clear tail lights?
  7. Brian
    Brian FastOrange
    Text me please sir. 864-491-9028. Have a quick question if you don't mind. Thank you sir.
  8. 962drhoe
    962drhoe Lextech
    @Lextech I am in urgent need of the wiring diagram for the black box to 411 pcm swap for a-
    1996 Tahoe
    5.7 vortec
    Email address is [email protected] if you could email me that asap it would be greatly appreciated, I'm starting the swap tonight &I need every bit of info I can
  9. Mark Montgomery
    Mark Montgomery Luis Jimenez
    I would like to buy 1 of the under hood lights
  10. Luis Jimenez
    Luis Jimenez BoxerPitMix
    Hi there, I was reading your post on the escalade center console that you install on your truck, I have two questions, how did you wire the amo and sub on your truck and also what kind of lights did you use on the cup holders and how did you install them thanks in advance!! By the way your truck is awesome!